SAAB News: Riksgälden takes over SAAB Parts AB

As long announced, the national debt administration will take over Saab Parts AB in Nyköping and thus also the foreign subsidiaries. Director Bo Lundgren announced this in a press release today. Saab Parts AB is an independent and stable company, says Lundgren: "... and we will take it over to develop it further ...".

Swedish debt management
Swedish debt management

The acquisition has been in the room for months and will take several weeks to complete. A stable owner for the former spare parts subsidiary of Saab Automobile AB is to be welcomed in our view. Who is better suited than the Swedish state with its undisputed credit rating? The company has been developing dynamically in recent months, and the future owner, who has been involved in all decisions in advance, will not change this. Saab Parts AB will continue to enjoy their entrepreneurial freedom in the future, and a Saab Parts Manager I talked to on the phone yesterday confidently said:

"We are well positioned, have an excellent worldwide distribution network and are interesting for many manufacturers".

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    Well, but that won't be the case with Saab Parts AB in the long term either, right? In 10 to 15 years at the latest (regardless of what really important things there will be), when the last not quite so Saab Spirit flowed through have given their old Saabs to the dealer, there is hardly a market to sell spare parts to be able to.
    When I read between the lines here, many assume that they will not buy another one after the current Saab, especially because the current one is the newest one could ever get.
    As far as the eternal 900 and 9000 drivers are concerned, they probably have little to do with Saab Parts AB anyway - unless they think about it and develop a possible line of business and thus another pillar. You don't have to hope for further great new developments in the spare parts area: why should there be developments ?!

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    Also from here thank you for the great reports and the mediated Saab spirit!
    The secured supply of spare parts has also made it easy for me to decide to buy one of the probably newest 9-5 (Aero TTiD), which was newly registered today :-). A really great car, from which many more had to be built. Now the 9-3 convertible can spend most of the winter in the garage.

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    thanks for the many good reports - respect for the many efforts that such a (breadless) blog entails.
    the reports, like on today's topic, have encouraged me to buy an almost new (demonstrator) 9-3 xwd combi with eLSD. I searched for a long time until the equipment (e.g. light leather) was right - it should have been one of the very last. now winter can come and I'm looking forward to the 9-3 cabrio again for summer.
    ... and thank god I'm rid of the GM cucumber captiva ;-))

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      Congratulations on the decision! SAAB XWD is absolute top class. Have fun with it!

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      Congratulations to the Saab 9-3X! I also drive a 9-3X and am overjoyed with this vehicle! Also a class in the snow !!!

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    Good news again and the guarantee for a stable spare parts supply!

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