Where is Saab 9-5 sportswear LGT 271?

There are cars that you never forget. The Saab 9-5 sports suit with Swedish registration LGT 271 is such a case, and I kept wondering where the Saab, which was the blogger car on the 2011 dealer tour, has gone. Has it found its way into the press and has it been reborn as a Coke can, as the newspapers in Sweden at times suspected?

Where is LGT 271?

The ongoing Saab Auction of the platform KVD could possibly help us. Only 30 sportswear was built, 18 are for sale. There is more than just a 9-5 sports combination in the combination of diesel and XWD. At the first found copy the color and the interior are correct. In October 2011, LGT 271 had slightly more than 23.000 kilometers on the clock, and the offer number 554385 has slightly more than 43.000. Could be right, because the sport combination toured through Germany, France, Spain and then back to Sweden.

If that were our station wagon, the chassis number YS3GR5NK9C9000020, a hand-built pre-production model, would have traveled half of Europe. In my mind, I was already thinking about how I could make my Saab sentimentalities clear to my family and what arguments could be used to put a - objectively speaking - completely useless prototype in the hall at home. Difficult, difficult ...

It's a good thing that I have around 1000 pictures of 9-4x and 9-5 sports suits, a lot of detailed pictures of LGT 271. The offer does not seem to be our Saab considering the bad picture quality at KVD. Because the LGT 271 we were looking for had a piano lacquer interior that would have been optionally available in model year 2012. The Saab offered does not seem to have this, and the crack in the windscreen is missing in the vehicle description. It is “made by Tom”, captured on the first few kilometers from Trollhättan to the south, and exceptionally the saying is true that Tom is to blame. It is unlikely that the windshield could have been replaced in the meantime, because these were not available at the time.

So we keep looking. There is also offer number 545164, which corresponds to our specification. Black with reversing camera and, yes it could be, an interior in piano lacquer finish. Mileage 35250. A look at the vehicle description and the list of defects. I almost catch my breath when IStjärnstenskott vindruta ca 2x2cm" reading. No doubt, "my" Saab with my rockfall in the glass has been found!

Saab 9-5 sports suit LGT 271 - here it is! Picture: KVD

So it was the chassis number YS3GR5NK7C4000045 that was traveling with us and whose keys Mark and I should have kept at the time. Yes Mark, that was a mistake, in Frankfurt to give the car key, just stupid then ran! The sports car is a great car, with all-wheel drive and eLSD, and all the improvements of the Model year 2012. The sports suit would have made it possible for Saab to survive had it made the leap into production. LGT 271 did not become a coke can, which is gratifying. The condition is good, and a look at the price - it is currently showing 235.000 crowns - makes it clear to me that I do not have to discuss the Saab 9-5 sports suit in the family.

A pre-production model, only as a collector's item, for a good € 27.000, plus the fee for the auctioneer, transport and whatever else may come with it. Just too much ! Sure, these cars are made by hand and are actually priceless, but also without a chance of being registered. At least not at a reasonable cost. For this money you get cars that you can drive, I hear my family say in my mind, and they would be right. For example, you get a very nice Turbo X, if you should find one ...

But who pays so much money for a collector's item? Are there evil forces at work? Chinese, for example, who want to secure a piece of Swedish engineering, then disassemble, gut and copy it? Or is it a collector who appreciates the best and most beautiful of all sportswear and wants to give him a long life?

I'm not sure ... and I'm worried about LGT 271 again.

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Pictures: saabblog.net, KVD


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  • Again for everyone: The SC is neither approved in Germany nor anywhere else, not even as a single acceptance because it does not have a type approval. To get these you need three! hand in these vehicles to the TÜV, 2 of which will be destroyed for crash tests.
    The SCs did not have regular road registration, but a special approval for prototypes as they can apply for automakers.

  • It is apparently not a regular license but one for test vehicles. Therefore, the approval in D is possible only by individual approval and is incl. Exhaust emissions certificate at the price of a small car.

  • If this is the vehicle that had a Swedish approval, where is there the catch to get a street legal. Should actually somehow be possible.

  • Sooo, I was clever. Insurance for a 9-5II SC no problem. VK at 50% = 493 €.
    Of course, the somewhat meager spare partage remains with a rear-damaged sponge over it-he is just rebuilt to limo :-)
    There remains the TÜV including emissions certificate. This factior is also available to me - actually affordable ...
    But where are the weak spots on the car? Are the chassis parts identical to the sedan?
    Does anyone know more?
    Actually, I just want to bid, just do not trust me :-(

  • Yes, she is very much used and she is very tolerant. But I'm better off not exploring the limits of tolerance

  • It would be an action - typically Tom =)

  • That with the windshield shouldn't be a problem - this window is definitely identical to the window of the 9-5 II sedan.

    It is likely to be problematic when a disc broke behind.

  • Actually, I should have room in a corner for this dream car….
    But there is still the matter of the house blessing ... .. whoever is wrong at first ...

  • Grins



    But YOU should already be used to it, right?

  • But why can not you drive with it? If there was a single typing? Or is not that affordable? Has not Saab prepared any typing for the cars?

  • I wish that was so

    @Max: The purchase would put my family's Saab tolerance to a very hard test ...

  • I actually also thought that this beautiful car is in your garage Tom …….

  • You have to buy this vehicle yourself ......

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