Saab Sale: Blue SAAB 9000 Aero in Kloten

Will the blog become a sales portal? No, certainly not. Our brand is slowly but surely becoming a youngtimer, so we try to get well-preserved pieces into good hands and not sell them via autoscout and consortium. If the sellers donate something to the Saab Museum, we are of course not sad either ;-). What do we have on offer today?

Saab 9000, frontal view
Saab 9000, frontal view

Our salesman an employee at the Hirsch Ruckstuhl in Kloten has to sell his Saab 9000 Aero 1994 for space reasons. The attached pictures speak volumes, if my garage was not full now. Tom would also like to have more space

Saab 9000 cockpit
Saab 9000 cockpit

What kind of car do we have here, well Saab is clear. A 9000 Aero with a first registration on December 28.12.1994th, 1995 (model year 225). A deer employee must have a little deer in the Saab, so the output has been increased from PS 240 to around PS 250/210, but this was never clarified. Hirsch also refined the chassis. Rims, yes, they are the original Aero rims with winter tires, the car has simple tires. The mileage is 000 KM, the corresponding service was carried out in September 2011, including the poly-V belt and completely new rear brakes.

The color, a LeMans blue and a beautiful beige inside, with aero seats. Shifting is done by hand with a 5th gear. The sliding roof lets the interior appear in the right light.

Now we come to the financial point, yes the Saabs are commited and will not be cheaper, the car costs CHF 9'000.-. 

Saab 9000, rear view
Saab 9000, rear view

If you are interested in this object you can contact me the coordinates of the seller are known to me.


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    So for the price should be a set of original rims with reasonably reasonable summer tires (5-6mm), I think. Then it would not be a moon price. The color combination, I find really very beautiful, in addition to the rich features, the good care condition. I'm sure there will be a lover who seriously cares.

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    Sorry, but if you want to drive cheaply, you should drive Saab. So far I have never driven more cheaply with any car than with my 901 and the 9k. Inexpensive to buy and maintain and little work, even with over 200tkm. The bill for the new models may no longer work and whoever drives to the Saabotheke for parts and inspections ... well, that costs.

    But to the Aero: As a Swiss elect I think that the price is not without in Switzerland. He is safe at the top of the scale. But if there is still room for negotiation and maybe there is still a set of good used summer tires that could certainly go away for 8500CHF.
    Overall, there is a wide spread of prices for Saab in CH. More exactly between Saab dealers and others. The Saab dealers rather believe that all their vehicles are collectible objects overnight and offer for example 2010er 9-5 station wagons in basic configuration for 30k Euro. The buys here (well) none.
    On the other hand, there are free traders and individuals who are more afraid of not getting a Saab out of the yard and tend to adjust prices downwards. Example: 04er 9-5 Aero station wagon in absolute full equipment, super maintained and impeccable appearance and fresh MFK: 4000 €
    At the beginning of the year I bought a green 9k 2.3 CSE FPT MY96 with full equipment for the equivalent of € 850. Great condition, only a seal on the gearbox and now the ZKD had to be changed. Now I'm at 2000 € and have a flawless car that is more fun than anything else ...

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      Reply to DSpezial

      Please distinguish between cheap and cheap, with Saab you drive certainly cheap and not cheap.

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    I see it that way too, good SAABs cost money, the youngtimers increase significantly in prices.
    Driving SAAB is not cheap…. Nevertheless, in my opinion, you get a hell of a lot of cars for the money, especially 9-3 and 9-5 are often traded below their value.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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    Good cars (SAAB's) cost good money.

    If you want to drive cheap, you should not look at SAAB.

    Greetings to all savers.


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    A typical German discussion and why the seller should give the 9000 for little money. Reminds me of this one Saab forum where everything has to be cheap because the crew wants to shoot cheap cars from newbies. Maintained with deer tuning in this color and condition. How many are there to buy? Exactly one.
    If we want 10ers to be on the road even in 9000 years, we should get used to real prices that allow the owners to get the equivalent of the money invested. Otherwise, it looks very bad with SAAB very quickly and then the howl starts because no one can find a good car anymore.
    That we are pinched in Germany because customs and VAT come to our problem. I think the price is ok and fair!

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    Moon price ... all right. But then you have to say: Very well-preserved 9000 Aero are not much more common on earth than on the moon.

    We have to get used to the idea that the 9k A models have crossed the threshold of the lover and cult object. The demand is much larger than the supply. And that's why I think it's okay if the selling price moves upwards in relation to the state of preservation.

    Two months ago I bought a black 96er Aero with 180tkm from the Saab dealer. The cost price was significantly lower, but I then invested so much money in the car that he reached the bottom line the same level as the Swiss. For this I now have an excellent stainless 9000 Aero near the ideal state, which has cost less than half of a new VW Polo and brings far more than twice as much fun.

    7.500 Euro for a beautiful Le Mans blue Aero can therefore be quite a fair price, if the technical care state even approximates the state of the immaculate beige leather seats (this nasty grille you can swap yes).

    Nobody is forced to buy this car. However, if you think you are getting a comparable 9000 Aero for 3 to 4 big bills, may report here in the next six months and report if he was successful in the search.

    In any case, he would not get my own. If I were to sell, the price would be well above 7.500 Euro. And I say: The probability that I succeed would be greater.

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    If serious interest exists, please contact me via e-mail

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      To keep this topic factual: Yves please just report at what price in which country this car was sold. The demand regulates the supply, and it will be reflected here as well. Then we are all a little smarter.
      There are many great Saabs. There are many offers and even more opinions. Finally, only the buyer and seller agree.
      And the bloggers certainly dominate the topics, but I personally prefer to read such incredibly beautiful articles in this blog or simply looking forward to the award of the photo contest.

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    The car is a dream and 210TKm has "run in well" from these hands with the 9000 - but I don't get a permit from my little boss ...

  • Sorry, but that's a real moon price for the car with this mileage. It struck me that vehicles from Switzerland are being presented here that are simply not interesting due to utopian price expectations. There are enough sales platforms (with moon prices). A great blog that transports the spirit outside of commerce only one thing: And it should stay that way! Tom - please!

    • Dear Dirk, it is just a “Swiss price” that is of no interest to us due to the poor exchange rate and the taxes to be paid. Also negotiable. For Swiss Saab friends, the situation is better, since the Saab should have increased performance and an above-average maintenance condition, it is also interesting.
      We will only occasionally mention exceptional vehicles, whether through good care or interesting history, who are looking for a new owner here. Otherwise nothing changes. OK?

      Addendum: Prices are always subjective. Again and again I get emails from former Saab drivers who want to get back in and are looking for a good 9000 Aero, because they are rare. The text then goes something like this: "Good condition, pay what is necessary ..."

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        I can confirm that it is in good condition !! I have just not married my eyes when I just opened the saabblog page ..!

        THAT WAS MY PEARL !!!

        I gave it to my current 93 Performance 2.0T TROLL (252PS).

        The 9000 Aero was my 1.SAAB and I had never looked back!

        Whoever wants to buy it ... take care of my “ex-SAABINE” 😉

        Just got a dejà vu …… .. 😉

    • Dear Dirk
      We would like to have prices like in Germany! Okay, our wages are usually better, but that's all eaten up by the higher cost of living. And moon price, certainly expensive, but if he was well maintained by the owner, who is indeed Saab mechanic, why not. Because repairs that cost. Here as well as there.

    • Hey Dirk,
      I think it's cool that interesting SAABs are presented here from time to time! So this Saab will most likely stay in the community, great! And if there is a donation for Tom`s charity campaign ... even better 🙂 is mega light years away from a sales platform….
      And, with permission, who or what is presented on or not or why, we want to leave it to the bloggers, right?
      SAABs in good condition on the market are slowly becoming rare ... or I wouldn't give them below their value either! Who wants to get a bargain now ... too late!
      Greetings to the community ...

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    Sorry but you could not have seen that car at Kellerman Saab last year. It's been at the same place for a few years

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    Forgive my English. I saw this car for sale at Kellerman Saab last year. Beautiful car, very well done. Whoever buys it to have a very nice 9000 in their garage.

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    wow ... a really pretty one
    The price is not hot

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