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Our brand does not leave anyone cold even a good year after the (temporary) end. Today, Saab, the former Saab employee and Trollhättan was the subject of a short post on ZDF. A look at the Saab factory and a visit to the Saab Museum.

Saab post on ZDF 07.12.12.

I don't know how the readers are doing, but the “National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB” font under the Saab lettering, you can see it briefly in the post, leaves me with divided feelings. Hmm….

But Saab is in the media, people talk about Saab. It's good ! A little bit of hope - for the former employees as well as for Trollhättan and the brand - comes through with all the justified skepticism. A nice evening to all Saab fans! Click here for the ZDF contribution.


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  • Where is the SAAB T-Shirt by Janne L. ???
    Nice greeting and THANKS to MARK, who has so successfully reviewed the TV program!

  • Inside Opel, externally confusable after the takeover of GM.
    Do you also see it like that?
    Not me…


    David from Luxembourg.

    • Regarding point a) Inside Opel - mostly wrong. At least the steering wheel of the Insignia and 9-5 II was identical, but also to that of the Buick Regal. The following applies here: SAAB wasn't Opel inside, but SAAB and Opel were GM inside, as was the technology, by the way. But teach journalists that.

      Regarding point b) Can be mistaken for the outside - wrong, for lack of evidence. SAAB used to build more angular, but so did all other manufacturers. The BMW E36 (which incidentally, although 20.000 DM cheaper, was dropped from the SAAB 900 (I) in the sales statistics) was also more angular than the current 3 Series.

  • Hello to all SAAB owners and friends:

    Yes - it's all well and good that the major German broadcasters are also reporting on Saab. One word in the report above has a special meaning, especially at this time of year:


    Sure - we all hope that the car brand we love will continue somehow and we also all hope that the cultural legacy (which also includes part of Swedish history) can be kept alive for a long time to come.

    But what goes down with all hope is the fate of the little SAABIANER. In the report it was mentioned that around a third are working again - mostly the engineers. Unfortunately, the little man from the workshop is left behind again.

    I find it impressive that we donate some here for the preservation of the SAAB Museum, but I would be even more impressed if just before Christmas a fundraiser is organized in favor of the SAAB staff.

    We German are but Wltmeister in donations, but why must that money always be pumped into the big organizations? We have long since learned that only a fraction of it matters because most of it flows into the organization (running costs, advertising, etc.). I like to donate for domestic actions such as Sternstunden in Byern, because the money arrives where it is needed without large deductions.

    I appeal to Tom and all readers and writers:

    "Show your solidarity with the SAABIANS!"

    How many active readers and writers are there in this blog?

    1.000? 10.000? more?

    I'm sure there are a lot of children in the Trollhättan region who are looking for a poor Christmas this year.

    Can SAABblog and the other SAAB interest groups (associations, other communities) help here?

    Greetings from Bavaria

  • Nice report, most of it is unfortunately 🙁

  • Hi Tom!
    Good that you get everything. Without the saabblog I would miss a lot. That on ZDF a film about Saab is sent is schonmal pleasing.

    • Thanks for the flowers ;-), but it's our Mark who keeps an eye on everything and makes sure that we don't miss anything ...

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