SAAB Fan Shop: Weekend Special!

It's not easy to fill our Saab Fan Shop with products. Many products are no longer manufactured, so finding new items is a sporting challenge. In Sweden we found a wholesaler who still had Saab 9-3 II and Saab 9-5 “chrome glasses” models from the Saab Expressions series in stock.

Saab 96 Sweden Rally 1972, our winning car!

The outer packaging has been left in storage, but we did not hesitate and secured the last copies. At our request, we were assured to continue to search for Saab products, but that sounded more courtesy than true prospect.

We found a special item of the winning car of the “Sweden Rally 1972” at another supplier. The Saab Rally Team with Stig Blomqvist and Arne Hertz won 72 and 73 on a Saab 96 V4. At that time, the agile Saab prevailed against competitors such as the Porsche 911.

The low price of the Saab 96 Rally promotion is passed on to the fans. With a weekend special on Saturday and Sunday and only while supplies last.

There is also news from our license plate holders “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls”. Originally we only produced for friends and then, brave, brave, started the first edition with 100 pieces. The meanwhile third edition with the Saab cult slogan is as good as sold out, and the replenishment will take a little while. Because there won't be a new edition like before, but we are coming with a completely new design. The new license plate holders will definitely be saabier, more concise and cooler.

Pictures of the design and the first prototypes will arrive in the next few days. Also in our fan shop it remains exciting!



5 thoughts on "SAAB Fan Shop: Weekend Special!"

  • Hello all,

    I think that was misunderstood.
    I admit ... I didn't ask really and directly.
    Actually, I certainly didn't want to do “cheap” advertising, even free of charge.
    I also didn't want to address the ads that are on the site or something ...
    I wanted to see if I can arouse your interest and if maybe one or the other model can not land in the trollig shop.
    I'm sorry that it went in a completely different direction ...

    Best Regards

  • Actually, it should be clear that one pays for his advertising instead of subliminally offload advertising here. Ultimately, you want to earn with his oh so great products, such as 9-5 II, but only money and will not selflessly and give away. But the Werbemasche should be free.

  • Thanks for the information!!! I understand….

  • A principal answer to this topic: The blog is flooded with links to shops or sales promotions. All these links will be deleted, as this site, which is full of work, money and commitment, is not a free sales platform for any interests.
    Everyone is free to book advertising for their products here. The proceeds go to a good cause and there is a tax deductible donation description. The company described above also advertises elsewhere on the Internet as a fee and could do so here too.

  • Hi Tom,
    I've already told you a few times about a person making Saab models. The palette is growing. I want this time
    do not write the name because last time my comment was deleted.
    I can only say with pleasure that there are very interesting models
    which have never been built as models ...
    I have found out that a turbo x is coming soon ... and 95 II
    LG from Berlin


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