SAAB Weekend: The Saab Spirit

We write a lot about this famous Saab Spirit. But is it more than just a few words, is there substance behind it? In the last few days we had presented a Saab 9000 Aero from Switzerland. A vehicle in excellent condition with a proven history. Immediately - and I would almost say reflexively - the term “moon prices” came up. In all honesty, that annoys me!

Saab 9000 CS with car cover

A reader got to the point. If we can't manage to accept rising prices, we will soon run out of 9000s on our streets. I can only associate myself with! Many Saab 9000s have passed the 20 year mark. Rust at this age also affects the best Swedish steel, and car body work, if done professionally, is expensive. Who will feel compelled to invest money in a 9000 in the future if only this “too expensive” sounds from forums and blogs?

Luckily, many fans of our brand have started to rethink things. In Sweden, the home of our cars, the first complete restorations are in progress. In the spring one has spoken of the 9000 as coming classics. Now, presumably fueled by the loss of the brand as a manufacturing manufacturer, the trend has become a bit faster. But fans in Germany are also investing in the 9000.

Achims Saab 9000 CSE: sheet metal work

My friend Achim had brought with me months ago his wish Saab from Berlin to South Hesse. After the car is technically fit, now comes the body to it. Since Achim is not a coachbuilder, this is done by a specialist. Not cheap, but a good investment if we believe in the brand and the future of the classics. Fortunately, the streets of Berlin were less contaminated with road salt than the roads in Bavaria, so the effort is manageable.

In Hamburg, the Saab fans this weekend - once again Götz (yes yes) had his fingers in the game - that a Saab 9000 doesn't always have to be a luxury. Achim and I already had one CS 9000 with relatively simple equipment, but brought from first owner and with few kilometers from Munich. Volker and Götz fell in love on Saturday in a red beauty with simple features and notchback. It does not always have to be a CSE or CS. CD is also chic. Especially with these data: Less than 120.000 kilometers, no rust, sunroof, first hand. Congratulation! Hamburg is fine. Because the Hanseatic city has a wonderful Saab more on the streets.

New for Hamburg: Saab 9000 CD by Volker

The fact that the relatively simple versions and the “non-turbos” also find their way into collectors is a start and a good signal. Every classic Saab that is maintained and cared for, sometimes with great personal and financial commitment, is a win for all of us.

Some Saab things are available for little money. Our 9000 CS hibernates until spring, as the Swedes are. Which is not entirely true, because in the next few days he will move from his garage to our new hall. So that he stands well, he has now been given a car protective blanket. To try out what works in this area for little money, because we normally have another supplier, we ordered a blanket for 42 € - including shipping (!) From the Oldtimer Veteranen Shop in Idstein. The delivered copy is of course “Made in China”. In contrast to the expensive specimens, which can be four to six times as expensive, not lined inside. But it fits well and is quite enough for an everyday classic.

You can save on such things. Please not at the substance of the cars! At least not if we still want to have fun with cars from Trollhättan in 10 or 15 years.

Tomorrow we will continue with our Saab photo contest. The community has decided and the jury, which also includes the German branch of Saab Parts AB, has donated further special prizes. The resolution will come tomorrow on our blog.



8 thoughts on "SAAB Weekend: The Saab Spirit"

  • The wind is spinning and that's good. Every Saab is worth preserving!

  • The red one has no climate, does it? Brave, brave… 😉

    It is time for something to happen in the Saab scene. What would have been thrown away here because of “irreversible rust” or “far too expensive”, for example, if it had a star on the radiator somewhere else as “extremely worth preserving, great base!” been kissed and nursed back up again ...
    Would be glad if that changes slowly. The cars will not work anymore.
    If even early b234-CD can be saved, that gives hope.

  • Hello Saabgemeinde,

    the 9000 arrived in Hamburg well. The car drives almost like a year old car !!!!!
    The transfer from Nordhorn to Hamburg was really fun.
    I would have preferred to drive to Flensburg.
    The car is currently under the carport and waiting for its approval.

  • Could it be that the 9000 was returned or only the dealer is slowly updating his inventory ...?!?!

  • Thank you, you speak from my heart! The 902 and 931 will be our next construction site

  • Tom, I can understand your anger well. With the 9000, the air is getting really thin, because catching a good one is not easy and not cheap either.
    I just got through with a friendly colleague. He wanted to have a 9-5I and we searched a long time, then we ran an 1996er 9000CSE 1.Hand from the older man on the way. We took that shortly, because the overall condition was quite good. The price negotiations ended quickly at its pain threshold and it still had to be well invested 2000 € to the purchase price, so that everything is fit. The latest 9000 are now 15 !!!, there is always something to do. The colleague is now really happy and just wants to drive-drive-drive.
    It looks a little different only with the 902 / 931. Thanks to the Opel prejudices you can still find real bargains.

  • Ah, there it landed ... I saw the red 9000 CD at the time too, it wasn't long ago. If I remember correctly, he had hardly any KM on the speedometer. Congratulations to the buyer, I almost bought it too!

  • Beautiful and rare red 9000 CD. Congratulations to the new owner!

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