SAAB Tag: SAAB 9-3x Griffin in action!

My secret favorite in the Saab range was the Saab 9-3x. With four-wheel drive and a higher chassis he would have landed as Griffin on my shopping list. In any case, it is a clever alternative to the meanwhile somewhat bland SUV trend, and it is one of the unanswered questions, why Saab has marketed the 9-3x so without enthusiasm.

Saab 9-3x Griffin in deep snow

Sven got a Saab 9-3 Griffin Bio Power directly from Sweden. With standard engine block heating, the E85 operation operates at the lowest temperatures, and as we can see, the Saab will be kept as appropriate to the species.

To the west eastern Foothills of the beautiful Ore Mountains, his family runs several companies around the ski sport, such as one sports shop with ski rental. And at 861 meters the ski station Mühlleiten with wonderful trails maintained by a Priroth Bison X snow groomer with powerful 355PS 8,8 liter cubic capacity.

Logical that the Saab 9-3x can play there. He is doing well when it comes to the ski station, and I would say that Sven has it as good as anywhere else in Sweden. Only with 45 cm of fresh snow, as a few days ago, does the four-wheel drive Saab reach its limits ...

A Saab rarely stays alone. Sven's 9-3x Griffin shouldn't be left alone either. "Saabiger" addition to the family is planned for the spring. We can only recommend the Ore Mountains with Saab 9-3x hut service to all Saab fans who are planning a trip to winter sports!


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2 thoughts on "SAAB Tag: SAAB 9-3x Griffin in action!"

  • Hallo,

    can agree to today and quantities of snow only.
    Even if I do not drive all-wheel, so it was possible for me today with good winter tires and
    no rear-wheel drive not to get stuck (like other "premium manufacturers" before me)
    The ESP in 93 worked great.
    Only on very steep climbs with blown ice under the snow, I had to turn it off not to come to a halt.

    Greetings from the foot of the Erzgebirge

  • blank

    well, if Sven does not get any further, he can call me! ;-) By the way, it is the western foothills of the Erzgebirge and the region is the Vogtland. I was able to admire his new Saab last weekend when I came back from skiing!


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