SAAB Photo Contest: The Winners!

The best Saab holiday pictures 2012 have been selected! The fans of our brand have made the decision, and 762 votes have been cast by the deadline. The race was close! With a very small lead and 126 votes, Erik's holiday picture “Sweden at the rest area” was voted first.

Sweden at the rest area Photo by Erik

An image that skillfully links Saab's aviation roots with a modern 9-3. In second place, with only 2 votes behind, was Ivan's vacation picture. "Saab 6 II in Thasos", and I'm particularly pleased because the Saab 900 II is also recognized by the community.

Saab 900 II in Thasos Photo by Ivan

Place 3 occupies with Benjamin's 82 9-3 I in front of English scenery, which fits very well. This gives us three Saab generations in the first places.

Saab 9-3 Cambridge Photo by Benjamin

As announced, there are special prizes, which the jury awards freehand. The most original Saab pictures, we have awarded two of them, have very different motives.

The picture “Saab 95 and 96 in the garden” comes from Torsten from the Hamburg area. It shows that we know how to celebrate and that we have a lot of fun with our classics.

Saab 95 and 96 in the garden. Photo by Thorsten

That a Saab picture does not necessarily have to be a Saab, but that our passion for the cult brand continues, we can see in the picture "Saab on the beach". No Saab in sight and still absolutely great made by Stefan.

Saab on the beach. Photo Stefan.

There is another special award, and this is particularly important to me, in the classics category. There are fans among us who love almost forgotten Saab models. One of the "basement children" is the Saab 90. Anyone who invests time and money in one like this does it out of pure passion. This is lived Saab Spirit, and such a Saab 90 is at home in the Hamburg area. The classic special price 2012 goes to Volker!

Saab 90 with caravan. Photo of Volker.

We come to the last special price. The longest vacation trip. Not every sender has given their kilometers driven, but many Saab drivers are really "... at home on long journeys". It's nice when an old advertising slogan becomes reality. The longest stated travel route to the south came from Ralf. 6.822 kilometers of vacation trip are an announcement, and he deserves the special price with it.

Saab 9-3 convertible with cool license plate. Photo Ralf

With this we are at the end of the year with the best Saab pictures. The addresses now go to Eschborn, where letters are prepared and packages are packed. It may take a few days for everything to get underway, as the two responsible people, one of whom I am, are traveling a lot this week. But we do everything to ensure that the shipments arrive at the recipients before Christmas.

The branch of Saab Parts AB in Eschborn supported us generously in this competition. For me, the company, which is based at the old headquarters in Nyköping and operates the helpdesks for Saab drivers worldwide from Trollhättan, has our remaining authority over Saab. The thanks from the blog team goes to the Saab team in Eschborn!

A few more personal words at the end ...

It was the first competition of its kind on the blog. I learned a lot from it and at the beginning underestimated the onslaught and the workload. So many pictures and so much encouragement are a positive signal for the brand and the community. Saab, as a non-manufacturing brand, lives and is more alive than many other brands that build cars every day, but that are only commodities and do not arouse emotions. That's the good side of the story.

However, the point has now also been reached where a private, voluntary and therefore limited blog reaches its limits. The balancing act between family, job and blog is becoming more and more adventurous, and my family in particular is required to be very tolerant. You have to draw conclusions from this. For example, there will be no Saab diary on the blog for the next year unless someone can be found who can look after it. And there will only be a new edition of the photo competition if volunteers can be found to support the blog and the team. It's up to the readers! Because "we are Saab"!

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    Ivan's 900 II is awesome. With the picture everything fits if you cut away the black car on the right: Super pretty 900 II, back then quite rare in white, great lighting and this atmosphere ... even in catalogs you rarely find such a picture! Congratulation!!! I can't wait to get my 900 II out again in the spring.

    • blank

      Thank you for the praise!!!
      Since I do image editing and Photoshop from time to time ...
      I did next to nothing exactly with the picture ... I thought that it was the way it is ... totally atmospheric.
      I am very happy to remove the car on the right and a few more things!
      Best Regards

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    A big thank you for the great competition. 2013 gladly again! Thanks to all who participated! Great!

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    Also from the rainy Hesse congratulations to all winners! 2013 please again!

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    Congratulations to ALL winners! And THANKS to ALL SAABisten who have participated! And of course THANK YOU to Tom and his tolerant family !!!!
    The ... wishes for an accident-free winter time.

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    Thanks for the great competition! It would be nice if 2013 had a new edition

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