The strange work of Saab administrators

It's about one of these particularly rare Saab 9-3 Independence Cabriolets, which they don't want to allow us. A dramatic story that does not shed a good light on the work of the Saab administrators and that will not find a happy ending either. But one after the other, we start in 2011. The production of 366 Saab Independence Cabriolets was announced for the Saab independence celebrations in Trollhättan. It was clear from the start that these cars would become collectibles.

Saab Independence Cabriolet in April 2011 on the factory premises

The jubilee celebrations at Saab did not go very well, as we know. There were production stops, re-starts, an on / off production, and in the end only a few, few cars dribbled off the line. Completed with what was left. Instead of 366 new Cabriolets it was at the end of whole 38, which speaks for a thoroughly failed anniversary celebration.

Autohaus Stephan, a traditional Saab partner since 1980, ordered such an Independence Cabriolet for a customer. As bio power, with a black soft top, navigation, a dream of a Saab. At some point - it must have been at the end of November or as early as December 2011 - a call came from Sweden. The convertible, which was on the slow production line, could be completed if a beige soft top instead of the black variant were acceptable. I don't know if you had already given up waiting at that time, but in Vienenburg they agreed, had new hope and were in good spirits.

The COC certificate of the Independence Cabriolet

Then, on the 06. December 2011, the COC certificate was issued, and the Independence Cabriolet thus had his birth certificate, so it was purely officially existent. A customer is waiting, a dealer is happy, the super rare piece is becoming more and more a reality.

A few days later we are getting a bit closer to the 9-3 Cabriolet, because the dispatcher at Saab confirms Philip Stephan's loading process. The brand new Saab with beige roof now stands on the car carrier in the direction of Germany. The anticipation continues to rise. But the transporter does not start, stops due to open forwarding bills once. It approaches the 19. December 2011, that fateful day that is a day of mourning for all supporters of the Trollhättan brand. In the morning, Victor Muller sets off for Vänersborg and files for bankruptcy. There follows a press conference, an international marketcall and Victor Muller is history.

The car carrier is still standing on the factory premises in the Stallbacka, the COC certificate is in Vienenburg, and it is Christmas. The insolvency administrators move in the administrative wing and have the transporter unloaded. The Independence Cabriolet rolls back to the delivery area at the factory and stops there.

So far so good. Legally all right, because with Muller's gang to Vänersborg all appointments and contracts were obsolete. However, what follows now makes the lawyers' work look ugly. Because the customer, a longtime Saab fan, would like his convertible. Bankruptcy or not. Saab fan is and remains Saab fan, we can shake a little. Even Philip Stephan, who has the COC certificate since the beginning of December on his table, wants to bring the car to Germany. The former Saab employees in Germany, in the sequence partly to Saab Parts AB changed, can do nothing, even if they would like to help. The lawyers in Trollhättan alone have the say.

However, they are not interested. Respond to no mail and no attempt to contact you. It always goes on like this. The Saab partner always tries to get the car belonging to the COC certificate. Without success. It's a good thing that in the last months of the Saab drama, payments to Sweden were only made when the cars rolled onto the yard ...

Since it has surfaced again: KVD auction in Sweden

In Trollhättan stood the cabriolet, one of the last vehicles that ran off the line, still on the gravel place in front of the factory. A winter, a spring, a summer, an autumn. To show up after a long time in the KVD auction! Based on the VIN code we discover the Cabriolet destined for Vienenburg. It's one of two from Independence production that will be auctioned off.

The price is still below the amount that the car dealership Stephan would have transferred nearly a year ago and later to the administrators. Also in the last days one tried to come in different ways to the vehicle. Without success. Legally everything may be fine, because neither the Saab partner nor the customer of the dealership has a right to surrender. But the behavior of the lawyers, who started with high standards, and then to find the worst possible solution, leaves a bad aftertaste. It fits the picture and the general dissatisfaction that prevails not only in Sweden, but also in the entire Saab world.

Auction picture at KVD: The Vienenburger Independence Cabriolet

The Independence Cabriolet was not improved by the storage on the outdoor area without any protection. It will still find its buyer at the auction. If things go wrong, the lawyers will redeem less money than they always wanted to transfer from Germany. How you feel as a Saab fan and partner, if you were so close to a collector's item and then it did not get it, we can all understand. The story is sad and it is incomprehensible. But it lets us guess why the process has come to such a bad result.

What remains? A dedicated Saab partner who is already working in the second generation with a passion for the Swedes and who now makes no secret of his disappointment with Swedish behavior. A Saab fan who would have liked to buy this cabriolet and is now quite frustrated. And a rather bad impression of the Swedish lawyers.


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12 thoughts on "The strange work of Saab administrators"

  • The rust-red Cabriolet is really a chic vehicle. It's a shame that it happened like that.

  • Well, 2 days before the end of the auction, the fraction is already 80% of the list price, plus additional costs ...

  • Where is the problem?
    Customer / dealer can buy the car now for a fraction of the original price, COC certificate he has apparently already

  • ... because we want to try and achieve that you will soon find your way back to the SAAB port ...
    Which other car brand should you become a FAN of?….
    Many greetings from Switzerland

  • Somehow one hears at some point to be surprised, but strange it looks already, if it has managed many months ago ready to use cars from the production line but some finished non-test car in the yard or in the hall apparently until now has overlooked ,
    That in the picture does not look like a COC but already like a registration certificate part 1 or 2 ??
    With that, if you could have kept them upright, could someone else's approval have been difficult?

  • When I read that, I'm twice as happy to have one of the last convertibles left.
    I ordered 2011 my Aero Convertible Bio-Power with complete equipment in February, with the 08.04.2012 delivery commitment. With anxiety and waiting it came then on 24.06.12.
    I had already posted a picture before.
    Believe me, I'm very happy to have it and drive u !!

    Kind regards

  • In defiance alone I would not offer a crown for!

    The most sensible solution would have been to bring the convertible itself from Sweden .. but the idea of ​​the Saab dealer and the buyer have certainly come synonymous

  • Common sense was somehow completely lost in the entire processing (procedure and also here this individual case) - we would all be at least halfway satisfied if at least the legal requirements for the selection process (NEVS) were complied with and finally proof of this would come.

    However, neither reasons for the selection nor the purchase price were given - but in Sweden it is not only the politicians who seem to act according to the landlord's way but also these strange insolvency administrators.

    Are there really no people with guts in Sweden who can fight this kind of hustle and bustle? Apparently it is so - sad, sad….

    Greetings from a more and more distant SAAB fan from Hamburg

  • Tom's article appeared on SU. A commentator wrote there, apparently a German dealer (Barracuda)? that he had similar experiences with the SAAB lawyers when he tried to buy cars. Apparently not an isolated case.

  • Sad story.

    Maybe you should also try to illuminate the other side:
    The decline SAABs and the associated financial disputes were / are known to be very, very extensive. It was / is about millions.
    If the administrators had answered every letter, every email, every little offer for a small part of the whole thing, you would probably not even go one step further.

    Still, it's a shame - especially for the customer!
    And the car dealership Stephan is known for being very involved.

  • The bad game remains a reality. But the customer at Vienenburg has the opportunity to bid, right? Hope remains until the end - I keep my fingers crossed for a good emotional and financial end for this beautiful SAAB convertible!

  • It's annoying NOT to get such a car!

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