SAAB alternative: the SAAB bike

Reader's contribution by Katrin

Unfortunately, I had to give up my SAAB (Saabi) at the end of August, which does not stop me from raving about him and reading all the news about SAAB.

Since my little nephew always associated my coming with a blue Saab, I had to come up with something to not disappoint him next time. In addition, his birthday was just around the corner, so what to do ??? He wished for a blue bike and since there was a SAAB bike in the SAAB Expression Shop some years ago I came up with an idea. How about a SAAB wheel ???

SAAB bike

A model that matches his expectations and my needs (children's bikes should be really child-friendly) was found relatively quickly:

A children's bike becomes ...

However, I did not like the design at all, after all, my nephew should connect the bike with Saab and me ...

... with modification a Saab bike!

With the kind support of Kunert Automobile AG in Bonn, who have been waiting for my SAABI all the time, I have changed the look of the bike a bit. Because of Kunert I received the much sought-after stickers SAAB Parts AB autumn action. In addition, I bought at a few more stickers and then began to change the design.

Well, and what has become of it can be seen in the following pictures ... My little nephew is certainly thrilled and now the proud owner of a "blue Saab".

Saab More than a car!

The original sticker I have completely removed and then freed the frame of all adhesive residues. Subsequently, the "SAAB - More than a car" stickers were neatly cut into 2 parts. A piece of blue adhesive film has now been glued to the top tube as a base for the SAAB logo.

Saab lettering in detail

Here again a detail picture, on which one also sees, that the resulting new lettering is again protected with a transparent foil. The lettering "More than a car" came on the down tube. Of course also once again protected by transparent film.

Moose coat of arms on Sweden flag!

Instead of a manufacturer's logo now adorned a moose on Sweden flag the head tube.

The Saab Griffin on the seat tube

The SAAB logo with griffin in XXL is emblazoned on the seat tube.

Detail: Saab bell

The bell was also decorated with the SAAB logo.

Pedal with turbo display!

The crank has been redesigned as a reminiscence of the SAAB Turbo display. Certainly it is not a true SAAB, but a unique !!! To the delight of my nephew and of course me too.

And however the SAAB story will end, this SAAB wheel is honored.

10 thoughts on "SAAB alternative: the SAAB bike"

  • Great! Please take in the shop !!
    It could not be better!
    lg from Tyrol.
    I want to have one too.

  • Well, I think the coat of arms succeeded

    Alcino rampante. Who wants a Ferrari?

  • Call SAAB-Kellermann in Erlangen. There's something like that in the sales room. They are guaranteed to give it away against the insertion of small coins and larger notes. The bike there still looks "rough"

    Best Regards

  • Sorry, of course, I mean KATRIN !!!!
    (maybe Tom can change the embarrassment in the 1st mail ...)

  • Hello Karin!
    You delivered a fantastic SAAB fan work for your nephew! This is how fans are “processed” for the future ... The turbo colors on the chain case are awesome! The bike and the driver really don't need any training wheels!
    A great gift !!!!
    Saabige and radsportliche greetings

  • ... I would like to emphasize that again: That with the turbo display is probably a brilliant idea! Full thrust when stepping down the pedal, unbeatable!

  • Hello
    You can take the bike under Find. It is a Danish manufacturer
    Unfortunately, this is no longer the case with the Saab logo.

  • ... I find the idea with the turbo display particularly original!

  • I had also flirted with the wheel, but it discarded because it has no hydraulic disc brakes. the original comes from biomega, model boston. just googling, let the stickers of a advertising shop imitate and already the saabrad is done!

    many greetings


  • hi,
    I search for years this saab bike (the big
    dear greetings from Lake Constance

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