SAAB Tag: 129 million kroner for the administrators

My day started quite early, and on snow and ice and in the middle of the night, Blogger and Saab Turbo X were traveling in snowy Upper Franconia. For the Saab it was the baptism of fire, which he passed with flying colors. No matter what road conditions, the traction is always inspiring.

This morning. Saab Turbo X. Start with ice and snow.
This morning. Saab Turbo X. Start with ice and snow.

But with all the Saab XWD enthusiasm, one thing should not be forgotten: in contrast to acceleration, when braking, all cars are the same. No matter whether rear-wheel, front-wheel or all-wheel drive ... and this is exactly where the danger lurks! The Turbo X almost makes the weather a minor matter, that's how well the system works. That could lead to carelessness.

Back on the Mac, the latest news from Sweden flutter into the mailbox. The Saab administrators want 129 millions of crowns for their work, which is a shock even in the far north.

129 millions of crowns for the lawyers.

The hourly rates of the individual lawyers are between 3.500 and 4.500 kroner, those of the employees of the law firms at 2.650 kroner. In view of the current wage development and the drastic wage cuts at SAS in recent weeks, these are proud sentences. The law firm of Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans Bergqvist demand approx. 104 million kroner, co-administrator Kent Hägglund, the specialist for trademark rights, approx. 25 million. A total of 28.800 working hours had accrued by October 31.

The court in Vänersborg, which has received the application for a license, must give its consent. The partial claim - because the procedure has not yet been completed - takes priority over the claims of normal creditors. Suppliers will probably leave this story with a zero quota.

I am not one who wants to pour oil into the fire. But with these numbers and the result, what result actually, I ask, for what so much money? Let's just take the negotiations for trademark rights in relation to NEVS. The Chinese buyers may use the name Saab under conditions. Not the griffin. For 25 million crowns?

Chinese are looking for CEO.

The Chinese at Stallbacka have already announced a few days ago that they are looking for a suitable CEO. Talking to some candidates, and soon you want to present a name to the public.

NEVS brand logo is coming.

The NEVS brand logo also needs some time. Spokesman Östlund wants to present it to the world by January at the latest. Whatever it will be, we can look forward to it. Otherwise there is little news from the official side. A friend who had an appointment with the investor a few days ago was positive about what he saw at the plant.

Hmm ... I myself remain skeptical. Until proven otherwise. More economic news from Sweden will come tomorrow.




4 thoughts on "SAAB Tag: 129 million kroner for the administrators"

  • Instead of their listening bill, the administrators should rather present some explanations why they chose NEVS for example. As far as the activities of NEVS in the former Saab factory are concerned, this is definitely sausage for me. They do not want to build the cars I want anyway

  • Can I just confirm: my 901s is a total snowblower. Ferry in winter rather than my company car that is from the big car manufacturer with the two boring letters. Uniformity. The Saab is much better. No helpers and yet safe on the way.

  • Secrecy and discretion of the new SAAB owner work well. I like that better than the last year's foamball. Since you did not know anyway what happened in southern Sweden and what was true.
    Greetings from the refrigerator Switzerland

  • Oh Tom, that little snow 🙂 in the 900 you came everywhere 🙂



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