Idea. Saab 9000 and the model year 1994

Who drives Saab? Saab drive people who rely on understatement. Welcome to 1994 and back to the good old Saab world. Today we start our Saab TV with an advertising film from 1994. It comes from our collection of historical Saab films, and from time to time there are Saab videos on the blog after work.

Saab 9000 - Presentation of model year 1994
Saab 9000 - Presentation of model year 1994

The advantages of the Saab 9000 series are discussed in detail. Almost 15 minutes only Saab and only Saab 9000. Have fun diving into the Saab world!

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  • That means, as I understand it, if you value this feature and in particular want a 9-3 (instead of a 901), you either have to buy one from the years 1998-2002 or one with xenon headlights for later years of construction, where (also with other manufacturers such as Volvo) it was then prescribed by law to clean the headlights? Why is that important to me with this headlight cleaning system? I learned to appreciate that with my previous SAAB 901 from 1988. How often would I have had to get out to clean the headlights when driving in fog or drizzle and for example a truck on the country road in front of you that had soiled your windshield and headlights….

  • Hello Helmut, why Saab has not delivered any pig launcher cleaning in series in the 9-3 II is actually incomprehensible. Because it is just a safety aspect and is almost a piece of Saab DNA. Cleaning was only with xenon light and we will probably never understand some things.

  • The advertising film was made in the USA and, in my opinion, was placed on the US market. It shows the safety aspects of a SAAB in general, here with a 9000 in particular. I don't need to mention the huge loading area almost like a station wagon, etc.? Oh, I'm in a SAAB blog, many SAAB fans are gathered here ... Why am I writing this? Because of my enthusiasm for SAAB, whether for the 901, this 9000 and the last 9-3 and 9-5, precisely because they embodied what SAAB made for many! A few more questions for Tom: Why was there a change in the models of the 9-3 and 9-5 from around 2003? the headlight washer system is no longer attached? Did these still exist for models with xenon headlights or only on order for models with normal headlights?
    Thanks Tom for this nice video!

  • Beautiful movie. Very impressive the big safety aspect, which played a big role for SAAB. The carmakers were far ahead of the competition at the time. Thanks Tom for the good post.

  • Damn it! Now I want a black 9000 Aero too.
    ... it's Tom's fault! 😉

    Thanks for the movie!
    I'm already looking forward to the others from your treasure chest - uh, from your hard drive.

  • SAAB has always had style and I like the 9000 better and better

  • Thank you for the great video. Remember that was the SAAB technology about 18 years ago. Just awesome; ahead of the times. It's a real shame that you couldn't continue at the same level later (... ..may?).

  • I drive SAAB because I can afford it ...
    Or to put it another way ... my ego doesn't have enough space in a Benz! 😀

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