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Yesterday on Arte the Danish Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg drove through the 9th episode of the second season in a blue Saab 3-10 I five-door, which she uses as a private car, in the political series “Borgen” (Dangerous Roped Offices). Saab is present in the media, and the last Saab with the classic hatchback are more beautiful than ever.

Just like a women. Saab 900 on Arte today.
Just like a woman. Saab 900 on Arte today.

The final episode of the otherwise Saab-free second season can be seen online on Arte. There's even more from Saab, the Swedish cult brand, at 20.15:900 p.m. today. Also on the Franco-German channel. In the first broadcast of “Just like a Woman”, Sienna Miller drives across America with a friend in a classic Saab XNUMX Cabriolet.

The fabric of French production sounds like a drama and tension:

Chicago: Marilyn and Mona live in the same part of the city. Marilyn lives in a tense relationship with her unemployed husband. In the evening, she buys in the small grocery store directly opposite her low-paid office job. That is where Mona, a young Moroccan woman, is being harassed by her stepmother.

When Marilyn is fired and experiences the same day that her boyfriend cheats on her, she wants to leave everything behind: she decides to finally make her dream come true and take part in a famous contest for oriental dance in Las Vegas. Mona is also leaving everything behind: her stepmother has been found dead in bed and Mona believes that she is to blame. She takes off without knowing where she is going. When she meets Marilyn at a restaurant, she decides to go to Las Vegas without hesitation.

A long journey across America begins: In order to earn the necessary money, Marilyn wants to perform in the evening as a belly dancer. Mona, who has a different image of dance than the liberated American Marilyn because of her background, is hesitant to agree. But gradually, both begin to enjoy the common performances. The fact that they get to know each other better during the long driving hours makes the women more and more close together.

Only the death of her stepmother Mona never mentions. When Marilyn reads a little later in a newspaper that Mona is wanted by the police, she can hardly believe her eyes. In the heat of the argument, she leaves Mona at a car restaurant. But soon she realizes that she does not want to abandon her new friend.

Marilyn and Mona are now on the run together towards Las Vegas. On their long journeys through the many regions of America, they quickly realize that they are not welcome everywhere. At a campsite, Marilyn is suddenly attacked: of all times the night before the long-awaited competition day. Mona decides to save her companion's dream ...

Does it only seem that way or does Saab's presence in the media increase? Tatort-Kommissare drive Saab 900, more and more often one sees 9-3 I in the productions. Saab is finally on the way to becoming a cult object!


Picture and description: Arte


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    further broadcast dates of "Just like a woman" on arte:
    Tuesday, 18. December 2012, 14: 35
    Tuesday, 25. December 2012, 23: 40

    Best regards!


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    That's right - SAAB is present on TV as rarely; this week again in Cobra 11 where a 900 / II was (unfortunately) sunk.

    Greetings from Bavaria

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    Incidentally, the fact that crime scene inspectors drive SAAB is nothing new. Here is an excerpt from the BR crime scene "Ms. Bu laughs" from 1995. You can see our two Bavarian commissioners not getting into a Bavarian company car, but a Swedish private car. Apparently registered before April 1995 if I look at the license plates.

    PS: We apologize for the picture quality - VLC can only play * .TS files in one direction and does not have picture-for-picture advance. But I think you can see what is meant.

    PPS: Who, besides a SAAB driver, would have someone to save old crime scenes on their laptop ... but we also store old cars in our garages.

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      It was also possible to re-use DIN license plates via 1995; in a certain transitional period, one could choose between Euro and DIN sheet metal.
      In addition, the model shown anyway can be assumed that he was first admitted before 1995.
      In addition comes the grandfathering protection, ie even when changing the holder, the car can keep the old sheets within the district.

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        I always thought that from 04/95 onwards, new cars were equipped with EU license plates as standard. Back then I had fun counting them ... well, what you come up with as a ten-year-old.

        But I was aware of the grandfathering - I drove a Peugeot 9 before the 5-405, EZ 1989, which also had DIN license plates right up to the end. I found them nicer ...

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          I can report from the family circle that a VW was first registered on DIN-WOB sheets directly through an employee in Wolfsburg - in September 1998. Even when it was transferred to the holder here in my family in 2000, the old, The desired DIN license plate number brought from the front car can be used. That was probably just in the very last transition phase (which ended on October 31.10.2000, XNUMX).
          I can clearly understand the tendency of the old DIN instead of the ugly FE-writing.

          I work for my then still on DIN sheets newly registered Saabs also remember that then get in the corresponding district again.

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