SAAB Christmas Gifts: XMAS Special

The countdown for the best possible Christmas is running! The range of gifts is larger than it was 12 months ago. Anyway ! Our friends from Saabsunited have added a third Saab calendar. It comes from a Swedish photographer who is well known in his home country under the name “mioh”.

Saab Christmas Gifts: Saab Streamliner, Calendar, Mousepad.
Saab Christmas Gifts: Saab Streamliner, Calendar, Mousepad.

It has a really cool design and I like it almost better than the other two very nice calendars. The “mioh Saab calendar” for 2013 is available in the SU store.

The Saab Streamliner also comes from Sweden in "Lightning Blue". Our first shipment of the Swedish edition, which is limited to 300 pieces Saab story was sold quickly, so we reordered. As XMAS Special over the weekend, there is the design piece from Sweden for a special price for the fans.

Also our long awaited Saab Classic Mousepad in XL finished this week. It is the prelude to a whole series of classic products, some of which are already in production or at least in planning and 2013 will fill up our fan shop.

Those looking for a Christmas present for themselves or Saab-enthusiastic friends or family members should not wait too long. Next Thursday, our shop sends the last orders, which should then be punctually under the tree!



4 thoughts on "SAAB Christmas Gifts: XMAS Special"

  • Hello!
    Yesterday I received the first two Saab calendars from the SU-Store. Very nicely made and also great photos. One comes to the "Saab room" at home and one to the office. Now wait for your new items 2013 Tom!
    Allen still a nice 3.Adventabend.

  • The SAAB Mousepad is tough! Good idea!

  • I've tested extensively the Mouspad

  • I thought today I do not see right. Was shopping and look at the parking lot and there is actually a Saab 9-5 II aero in black drove. My absolute dream car. Did not know that something in the Erzgebirgskreis rum drives. Of course I quickly made some pictures of it. Nice that I could see a live. will not happen too often.

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