SAAB Weekend: Saab sells and pictures from the snow

On Friday we introduced a Saab 9-3 I with a short article. The Swede from the last series mt the iconic Saab hatchback should go into good hands. What happened next exceeded my expectations. Shortly after publication came the first mails, and my phone did not stand still.

Saab 9-3 Anniversary with sunroof. Sold!
Saab 9-3 Anniversary with sunroof. Sold!

Apparently, my phone number in the community is widespread and no more insider tip. In the evening, I turned off the iphone, in self-defense. Already on Saturday we were able to report the completed sale. The Saab 9-3 Anniversary comes in very good hands at a reasonable price. The buyer is a reader on the blog and brings the good piece in January in his new home. The Saab stays in the country, which did not necessarily have to be so, because also foreign Saab fans had shown interest.

Our conclusion from this action? The Saab 9-3 I series is far more popular than I had imagined. Good care condition and a regular checkbook pay off and are appreciated by the buyer. Everyone who treats their Saab well over the years gets a fair equivalent. The last hatchback Saab is on the way to lover status, and he's a cult anyway. All this is more than pleasing.

In the meantime, the snow has begun to retreat in Spessart. Friend Marco, who was one of the founders of but then dropped out, gave us Saab snow pics. His new 9-5 Aero has proved to be very suitable for winter, with a lot of fun potential. Be 9-3 I Aero Coupe winter in a dry hall until April, and as long as the Saab 9-3 sedan on the track.

From Marco, the Saab community will hear more in the future, because we are working on a new project with a lot of Saab-Spirit, which we want to present in January. Also 2013 continues the Saab passion, and it remains interesting.

Also interesting is the course of the KVD auction in Sweden. 34 vehicles are yet to call, and recent sales showed some crazy price development, which should exceed the expectation of administrators. However, not for all vehicles, because the customers buy very targeted. The question of who buys and where the vehicles go to is also exciting. More about this in the next few days on the blog.


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6 thoughts on "SAAB Weekend: Saab sells and pictures from the snow"

  • I can only associate myself with! Drive this form since 12 years.

  • Dreamlike color combination. And in the interior - for me - more feel-good than the successor 9-3II has offered. I can only imagine how hard the sale of this vehicle to the previous owner must be. Something adequate should not be found anymore. Congratulations to the new owner. If I did not already have two Saabs, I would have been on the caller list too ...

  • I consider the shape of the 902; 9-3I for one of the most successful autoforming ever!

  • Nice car !!! I'm also lucky to drive a Saab 9-3 I from the 2002 Anniversary SE. If you take a closer look at the shape, every surface is slightly curved (no levels), which is also continued on the top of the dashboard. Always nice to look at.

  • I can only agree with that - Merry Christmas !!!

  • The 9-3 is really a dream and it's clear that it was sold immediately. Congratulations to the new owner. Great Christmas present!

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