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For Saab drivers there is, at least in England, a new customer magazine. But first we talk about news from the fans. We are always happy when positive reactions come from the Saab Community. A good week ago, Volker had one Saab 9000 CD brought to Hamburg.

Saab 9000 CD with huge trunk.
Saab 9000 CD with huge trunk.

First-hand and, you really have to say, in neat new car condition. The evaluation after a week 9000 CD sounds like this "... huge trunk, completely unused, not even the skin of the bumper has scratches. In addition, fast, because of little weight ...".

Great thing, and Volker, who incidentally has won the Special Prize Klassik in the photo competition with his Saab 90, is just happy. I understand that. The Saab 9000 is a great car and a real Saab.

A friend, who has moved to England for business and does not drive a Saab, emailed us the latest customer magazine from the English subsidiary of Saab Parts AB. “Torque - Keeping Saab owners motoring” reports on the Saab autumn and winter campaign, which we also know here in the country, on original spare parts and on retrofitting options.

Very nice and a bit further in the direction of customer loyalty. It is interesting to suddenly discover the face of Karl-Erling Trogen, who promises us exciting new electric cars from Trollhättan in 2014.

Does NEVS dock to the Saab Parts? You could get the impression. Here is Torque as Download, Have fun while reading!


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  • I think “Torque - Keeping SAAB owners motoring” is really well done - hopefully in 2014 (or as early as next year) there will be new SAAB automobiles with conventional drive technology from Trollhättan in addition to the electric vehicles. According to the latest findings, the production halls will hardly be able to be fully utilized with electric vehicles alone - in addition, new SAAB automobiles with conventional drive technology are likely to be in greater demand again in Europe in the coming years. Well-preserved 9000s in all honor (I once had one of these timelessly beautiful 9000s in front of my current 9-5 Combi in American export version) - but new 9-3 + 9-5 from Trollhättan are slowly becoming somehow “mandatory” for NEVS !!!

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