SAAB News: The Saab auction in Sweden

At the weekend, the last Saab collectibles in Sweden came under the hammer. Never produced in series new Saab 9-5 sports models from the pre-series and vehicles of the model year 2012. The absolute last chance for collectors and fans of the cult brand from Trollhättan. Partly considerable prizes were achieved, which speaks for the brand and its liveliness. The insolvency administrators will thus receive an additional 15 million crowns into the coffers.

Saab 9-5 sports suit LGT 271 - here it is! Picture: KVD
400.000 crowns. Saab 9-5 sports suit LGT 271 from the Saab dealer tour 2011. Picture: KVD

The bidders came from Europe and Asia, which suggests that one or the other Saab will land safely on the dissecting table of a Far Eastern manufacturer. The highest price was achieved with 475.000 crowns for a Saab 9-5 sports suit bought by a Finnish bidder. Our Saab 9-5 sportswear from the 2011 dealer tour went away for 400.000 crowns, a similar 9-5 station wagon with more kilometers for 310.000.

The Saab Anniversary Convertibles, we had over the tragical story one of the two vehicles relates to new owners for 410.000 and 395.000 crowns. In contrast, the Saab 9-3 sports suit in the new Saab color "Fusion Blue" with 257.000 crowns was almost a special offer. All but one of the 9-5 sports suits were sold, some Saab 9-5 sedans found no buyers.

Victor Muller's last official car, he too a piece of Saab history, found a fan for 350.000 crowns, which certainly also the Promibonus was considered.

Was there a bargain? It depends on the perspective and who had believed in a special offer on the Resterampe, was disappointed. A white 9-5 Vector, with 1.6 liter engine and in principle without kilometers went away for 270.000 crowns. This is not really cheap, you add fees, freight and any applicable taxes, depending on which country the Saab is. Because we have a new car and the last of its kind. The sometimes amazing prices express the increasing appreciation for our brand, which we also see on the used car market.

Whats up with Germany? Will we see Saab 9-5 sportswear on our streets or at least in the showrooms? Germany, that's the good news, will get those mega-rare vehicles. Four Saab 9-5 sportswear have been bought by various parties. The main part, as always, ends up in the Saab-afine north of the republic and the south will see only one sport combination.

We have a black Aero and a fjord-blue Saab 9-5 sports suit, both in US version. In addition a silver linear and a 2.8 V6 XWD sport combination in Java. All collectables with added value and the last witnesses of a past Saab era. Congratulations to the proud owners!

On the road we will probably not see the sports team. Already more likely at a Saab meeting 2013 and of course here on the blog. After all, a visit to one of the four German 9-5 sports team is scheduled for next year and we will report.


Picture: KVD

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    I am already looking forward to the report of the visit.

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    What happens to the vehicles that were not sold? Lt. Dirk (SAAB-Reisen) there are still 19 limousines of the type 9-5 II, which have not been sold.

    Since the greed of the lawyers for money also overshadows all other points in this procedure, a second attempt will certainly be made - before these vehicles do not wash anything into the lawyers' forever empty coffers. These are more likely to be real bargains for those willing to buy!

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      The question was not resolved this morning, presumably the highest bidder will receive a bid.

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    On the one hand it is nice that the cars have achieved such good prices, but if I imagine that this money lands again in the bulging pockets of these useless insolvency administrators, it boils in me! That's it then, now there are only used cars. But these buyers I wish a lot of fun with their auctioned treasures.

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    Where did the cabs go and can they be allowed on the road?
    Thanks for any info.

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      Has anyone heard if both convertibles on map3500 (if I remember correctly) have gone. He (or you?) Has bid on both and at least the second won the contract.

      Winter greetings from Switzerland

      (Unfortunately, the petty cash is a bit empty for me, otherwise at least for the hand-operated BIoCabrio would have to be offered more!)

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        Hello Gigi, the Bio power cabrio went to ram395000 for 3500 SEK and the TTiD variant for 410000 to "orsak65"
        If I had seen that correctly with Flickr had the one convertible also a Swedish number the other for reasons known here not ..
        It would be nice to be able to see one or the other of Saquer Saquer times in Natura.
        Greetings Kay

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    Since when has “Fusion Blue” been a new color? I've seen them every day for years! 😉 In DE it was called sapphire blue metallic. I am more surprised that it was back, in my opinion it disappeared a few years ago. Nice that she came back then ... 😉

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      I think the “Fusion Blue” from Tom's text means the light “Sky Blue”. - A color that lies somewhere between the original “Fusion Blue” and the “Electric Blue” of the convertible that was available from time to time.
      Nonetheless, all three are very beautiful colors ...

      it greets
      the elk

      PS .: "Fusion Blue" was IMHO very popular in Sweden at the time. Unfortunately there was more to the 9-3x in this color ...

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