SAAB TV: A movie and its message

In Trollhättan the newspaper was today fully on the subject of Saab. One year after the bankruptcy, the wounds have not nearly healed. Jan Ake Jonsson spoke up and former Saab employees who have now come to Volvo. Jonsson is critical of the state that did not intervene to save Saab.

SAAB press shop in operation. Photo: TTELA
SAAB press shop in operation. Photo: TTELA

As an example, France, where the car industry is protected by taxpayers from falling. And also Germany, where hidden subsidies allow some innovation. In all of today's articles, the hope has emerged that the special Saab culture will not disappear and that somehow it will continue in Trollhättan.

This was matched by the film that the local TTELA was allowed to shoot at the Saab factory. Marten Gustafsson showed running belts, at least in the press shop, where spare parts for our cars are produced on behalf of Saab Parts AB. Meanwhile, 100 people are working well for the Chinese, including many older Saab employees.

A look into the factory is good, even if the stationary assembly lines with half-finished Saabs are a sad affair. But the work is alive, everything seems neat and sparkling clean. It gives the impression that production could start again tomorrow. In the new year, investor NEVS wants to announce its decision whether there will be vehicles with conventional drive. You can see the market for this - a statement that comes again and again.


Whatever. The film subliminally conveys a message. "Look, it's not over and there is hope." A message from the local press for Trollhättan and not just there. It is just before Christmas. We may also believe this message.


Film & picture: TTELA


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  • It is also interesting that a whole series of painted bodyshells are on the line. There are probably missing too many parts to make them finished at ANa.

  • This shows us that spare parts are still being produced.

  • Daniel with the first few sentences I agree with you. With the last one you made a mistake, it should be vehicle brand instead of vehicle type ... :)

  • just amazing that everything is still in good condition.
    Let's hope that NEVS simply recognizes that there are no such loyal fans
    Community with other manufacturers in relation to the production quantity gives as Saab.
    Many I know do not want to drive any other type of vehicle.

    Let's see.

  • Hi,

    What I think is great is that there is one on the band who has been working for Saab for 40 years and is not one of the youngest. That speaks for the employer. It could have been some young, cheap worker with less experience.

  • Wow, ……….
    but a little hope

  • Nice ... The raw bodies are waiting for further construction !!! 😉

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