Saab 9000 Talladega 1987 - the most intelligent cars ever built

What made Saab so incredibly popular? Saab built durable, practical and at the same time sporty cars. Looking back, one would say that the Swedes succeeded in squaring the circle. A vehicle that makes both halves of the brain equally happy. The loading area of ​​a Saab 900 was suitable for moving, the performance of the 900 Turbo 16 S was ripe for the sports car league.

Saab 9000 Talladega 1987
Saab 9000 Talladega 1987

A tradition of versatility, sportiness and good ergonomics, made possible by the Saab hatchback and continued through the Saab 9000 to the 9-3 I. Unfortunately, Saab was believed to have introduced a 9-3 II to a GM study stating that saloon cars are better salable than hatchbacks. Although the 9-3 II sedan has become an elegant car, we missed the hatchback. With the successor we would have again received such a body shape from Trollhättan, and the tradition would have lived on.

Even if the hatchback is making a comeback with some brands, it is not possible to combine high utility with driving pleasure and elegance. Probably because marketing departments cannot imagine this and because studies say that such a car would not find a buyer. Sometimes courage and unconventional thinking are lacking.

Saab was not only unique in 1988 with its body and turbo concept and, with a little skill, it would have been again in 2013. Then you could have reactivated the old saying. "SAAB - the most intelligent cars ever built".

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  • Thanks Tom! I did not know. Agree me, with 9-5, 9-4 and this 9-3 the portfolio would not have been the worst.

  • "With the successor we would have got such a body shape from Trollhättan again, and the tradition would have lived on."

    Hi Tom, I did not hear that: How would the 9-3 III have looked like?

    Best regards from Stuttgart, Merry Christmas and many thanks for the informative blog

  • A new 9-3 III on the Phoenix platform would indeed be the best!

    Let's see whether NEVS has enough guts to bring something here as well as the E. cars - also as a hybrid ...

  • Cool clip

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