SAAB News: Another Saab calendar!

From a business point of view, the year is over! Now Christmas is just around the corner and finally time for the family. Our cult brand is also becoming quieter. A Saab calendar came on my desk in the mail. Although that sounds disrespectful, because it's actually “the Saab calendar”. Because it comes from an official source. “Swedish Distribution Services” in Eschborn, the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, sends the 2013 calendar to all Saab partners in Germany and Austria.

There it is: The Saab calendar 2013
There it is: The Saab calendar 2013

A real Saab calendar with the cool “Saab - More than a car” slogan. Who would have thought that ! This is a good start into the new year and we have improved considerably compared to the situation 12 months ago. In 2012, after a restart under the most difficult conditions, Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher's team had an incredible success story “made by Saab” in Germany and Austria. The sales force for southern Germany and the Alpine republic is currently being strengthened. According to the Eschborn radio station, the advertised position received many more applications than one would have expected.

Saab, the brand from Sweden, still has a strong appeal and is attractive as an employer. It is good to know that even applicants who do not necessarily have to come from the Saab warehouse appreciate our manufacturer. At the Saab Parts subsidiary, 2013 will continue with great enthusiasm. In addition to personnel reinforcements, there are also projects in the planning that directly affect us and that are positive. So it remains exciting and one or the other surprise will come!

Fortunately, only new cars from Sweden are missing! But you can't have everything you want, even if it's Christmas soon. Or is it? We will see…



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    Saab Blog Santa Claus wish list

    So much is made palatable to you, door panels, rims, calendars, stickers ...
    and all only at the Saab sales partner. But for many it is not always just around the corner if the old workshop is still an official partner at all.

    My wish: Cooperation between the Saab Fan Shop and Saab-Eschborn /
    Then we can order it all fine ;-))))))

    You have to have wishes for Santa Claus from time to time ...

    Have a nice Christmas time, a happy new year
    and a big thank you for this great blog here and the many current ones
    Information about SAAB


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    The info where or how to get to the calendar is missing, is the later?


    Blessed Christmas and happy new year (without SAAB)

    Ulrich (just before Denmark)

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    “But you can't have everything you want, even if it's Christmas soon. Or is it? We will see…"

    Tom, and 2013 is already Christmas again!

    Many Christmas greetings

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    Good morning.

    Oh, such “work calendars” don't necessarily have to be ... but I'd still damned love to have such a “more-than-a-car sticker”. I would stick it to the tailgate immediately (although otherwise I'm not a fan of stickers). 😉

    Perhaps in the future “Eschborn” will be able to think of it again as a “delicacy for the community”.

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      If you read this again and leave an address, I will send you one. What do you prefer, more then a car in white or black?

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    Moin Tom, this is a top calendar, just right for the repair shop !!

    Greetings from Northern Hesse

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    Hmmmm ... can you get this calendar as a SAAB driver? Or do I have to get serious and open a workshop?

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      A service contract with Saab would probably be the prerequisite

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