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The current newsletter from Hirsch Performance is just fluttering into the mailbox.

Offer of Hirsch Performance from 01. January 2013
Offer of Hirsch Performance from 01. January 2013

The Swiss offer for our Saabs before model year 2008 and older a price reduction of 50% for performance increases on the regular customer price. And also for owners of the model years 2008 and 2009 there is again an action. Here it is possible to save 30%.

The discounts apply to the 9-3 and 9-5 series. So from January 01st to the friendly Saab dealer. He is looking forward to your visit ...

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  • What about the “official” follow-up guarantee? Is that possible? Because in their conditions it says that the engine power increase is not allowed !?

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    “For our Saabs from model year 2008 and younger, the Swiss are offering a price reduction of 50% to increase performance on the regular customer price.”

    ... should probably mean:
    50% price reduction on model year 2007 and older vehicles, as there is a price reduction of 2008% for performance increases for vehicles of the model years 2009 and 30 !?

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    Hi Mark,
    tireless ... greetings from South Tyrol,
    I have my own personal SAAB ski helmet.
    I'll email a picture.

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    on the first of January you will hardly have success ^^

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