Saab day: Post from the mobile forum Dresden

A few days ago we received a letter from Dresden. Christmas greetings from SAAB !!


The letter stayed because of the pre-Christmas stress and was only read today. For all those who did not enjoy Christmas post from the Mobilforum, here is a short extract ...

… Together we hoped, feared and fought. But ultimately we had to realize that our passion alone could not save the Saab brand. At the end of a difficult year, we would like to thank everyone who cheered for their support and loyalty to Saab. By the way, not only is your current Saab in the best of hands in our workshop. We are now bringing the future and past of the automobile together with the service and sales of classic Saab cars and many other brands. One thing is certain: No one will take our passion for special vehicles in the future... We wish you, your family and your Saab a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your Mobilforum team ...

We are happy about this good news from Dresden and can only agree with the wishes ...


3 thoughts on "Saab day: Post from the mobile forum Dresden"

  • The slogan is good. It would have to be a sticker.

  • blank

    But the content doesn't quite work. In a text passage it says that our passion alone could not save the SAAB brand - as far as I know, the SAAB brand still exists. As you know, the naming rights were transferred to NEVS. What they are going to do with the whole thing is currently still quite unclear. The only thing that is certain is the production of SAAB electric vehicles from 2014 - but, as is well known, other projects are also being considered.

    As an advertising message for the Mobile Forum Dresden it might make some sense. For SAAB as a whole, however, I consider it useless. One thus joins the so-called swan song in a most clumsy way. Just as the competition would like to celebrate, for example - highly counterproductive!

    Many greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and happy new year

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    One can only agree with this: “Nobody will take our passion for special vehicles away from us in the future either…!”

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