Saab Talk: The Saab 9000

Reader's contribution by Sebastian

"In Rolf Bleeker's book" The Spirit of Saab - more than a car "is described a cheerful anecdote. At the end of the 60 years, a lady travels the long way from Iowa to the Chicago Motor Show, unerringly exploring the Saab booth to sit down, strip off her shoes, and tell the story of every single Saab she tells to a defenseless employee for three hours ever possessed.

... still to have. Saab 9000 CS at ANA in Sweden
... still to have. Saab 9000 CS at ANA in Sweden

When I read this for the first time, I thought grinningly of my dad, who also likes to report in chronological order on every car he's ever owned after the second beer. When I read it a second time recently, I terribly recognized myself in it. Finding the perfect Saab was never easy considering the homeopathic doses of our brand on the German market. And in the last few months, it really has not been easier. But for every Saab you buy, there is almost always an adventurous, special story of how to find it. You could also say that some cars test their ability to suffer as soon as you own them. A Saab checks the ability to suffer before it is possessed. But do not worry, I'll spare you the story of my previous Saab purchases.

Only from my current Saab I have to tell. It's a black Saab 9000 Aero from 1996. I searched for this car for a long time and discovered it through the chance discovery of a Saab friend. I bought the Aero im Saab center Paderborn, I'll never forget the day on which I picked up my car polished to a high gloss in the delivery hall and got behind the wheel for the first time. Senior boss Heinz-Jürgen Borghardt had put an incredible amount of work and passion into the Aero until he finally stood like a new car. I'm an avid Saab driver because this brand has a soul and I'm at home in their cars. But I'm also an enthusiastic Saab driver, because people like the Borghardts from Saab Zentrum Paderborn give this brand a soul and a home.

Well, I finally had it - my dream Saab. And that was already the next problem. Because he is far too rare and precious to wear it in my 40.000 annual mileage comprehensive professional life. So I became friendly with the idea of ​​a second Saab.

Here comes the Saab blog into the game. Not only does he also play an important role in keeping the soul of the Saab brand alive and giving its drivers a home. He belongs next to Spiegel Online, and also to my obligatory morning reading. Only then do you know what's really going on in the world. However, the Saab blog punished my hesitancy in the second-Saab search with relentless severity. Because object number one was a white one 9000 CS from Fürstenfeldbruck, Again and again I called the ad and could not decide to call. Then the CS appeared in the blog - and shortly afterwards in Tom's garage. Crap!

Object number two was a red one 9000 CD from Nordhorn. Again, I could not decide until I read on the Saab blog that he had found a happy owner. After all, in my homeland Hamburg, whose characteristics are a Saab particularly well. Nevertheless: crap!

My will formation was accelerated but only when I was offered a Volvo S70 with LPG system for a tempting low price. Over Christmas, I mused: Could I as an ultra-Orthodox Saab driver in the future, the daily life in a Volvo denies? In the end it was clear: That will not work. A Volvo is a very good car. But he is just a very good car built for other people. But now that I wanted to counter this tempting offer with a plausible alternative from Trollhättan, over the holidays began again the feverish search for a second Saab. The market for good 9-3 / I is frighteningly empty, the market for good 9000 is virtually nonexistent. So I extended my search radar to Sweden. Lo and behold, ANA in Trollhättan, right in the heart of Saab, offers a well-protected 9000 CS 2.0t with clear 120.000 kilometers on the clock. I wrote an e-mail and a little later the answer in the mailbox was already:

"Hello Sebastian! Great to her that you are a saab liker! Yes we have a nice 9000, I look at it and the car looks great there is no big rust I can not, I can not guarantee that the car is rust free but it's look very great. The car is in good condition. There have been two owners on the car! There is no problem to sell the car abroad! "

I would have bought the car immediately. The problem was, however fast the guys from ANA were, they were not fast enough in this case. Driven by the fear of reading a car I should have bought on the Saab blog, the decision had been made an hour earlier. My second saab will now be a lovingly cultivated silver-blue 9000 CD from Bavaria with 118.000 kilometers on the clock. Yes, a CD. The car whose design I always want to write on the tailgate: "Sason lost his life. Envall lost his glasses. That's why. "But I like this curious Saab with his bookkeeper gear, his indestructible B202 engine, and the small" Unleaded fuel only "label on the dashboard. He is the perfect complement to the Aero, precisely because they are so different interpretations of the same basic construction.

So now I am in a situation where you rarely come when looking for a Saab: I already have a good offer and therefore can not accept the second good offer.

But I guess: I'm not the only one who thinks it's a pretty cool idea to pick up their own Saab at ANA in Trollhättan and then make a detour to the Saab Museum. In addition, well-maintained 9000 CS with low mileage have become rare, and the ANA-9000 makes a good impression on me personally.

So ... maybe there is someone among you who wants to add this chapter to his personal Saab story? I'm sure anyone who shares the passion for our particular small car brand will be happy to listen ... when he sits down, strips off his shoes and makes a three-hour report. "

Many thanks to Sebastian for this article. Maybe we will find a "new" owner for this beautiful specimen via the blog ...

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  • Great article! Great if a nice 9000 CD comes into good hands. The market is really tight and good specimens must be obtained. Besides, a SAAB is not a SAAB!

  • Almost my story. Also for me was my 9000 Cs, BJ. 1997, now 20.000 kilometers too bad. Wanted me a 900 Turbo, Bj. 1987 with 169.000 km now the "dirty work" must do.

    • The poor 900er I'm sorry.He is much older and therefore needs more love.Du necessarily need another car to relieve the turbo.

      • He is just as well maintained as the other, gets his own garage. For three SAABs the pension is unfortunately not enough.

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