Saab video: Saab 2008

Another video of our favorite brand.

A Saab USB stick with surprise
A Saab USB stick with surprise

This video was on a Saab USB stick. A film from the year 2008.

It shows the Saab Spirit in a cool, unmistakable way. For the 9-3 drivers of the current Saab generation. A movie that does not need many words. With the latest XWD system, Bio Power and eco-friendly turbo diesels, 2008 launched the latest Saab generation. The Saab 9-3 appeared through the overhaul Saabiger and more modern than its predecessor and Saab seemed well placed and ready for the future. My tip: take a look, enjoy and dream ... Inspiration by Tom

13 thoughts on "Saab video: Saab 2008"

  • SUPER video! An artwork! I want this quest for security and perfection from Trollhättan to become reality again! So: NEVS in 2013, make something of it!
    The GRIP in the film, by the way, I have already done live in 1990 in Bohuslän with the MTB! Emotion PUR!
    All SAABians a GOOD, HEALTHY 2013!

    PS: My neighbor has my SAAB on 30.12. back from station and me on 02.01. picked up again by the DB. Only after this practical use he has addressed me to the SAAB! WOW, what a car, that were his first words! Unbelievable, that should be the story ....
    There is still good customer potential !!!!

  • Nice video with perfect sound support! The models 9-3I and 9-3II were sold quite well.

    Greetings from switzerland.

  • Hello people,

    yes - the film is beautiful, but the music deposited nicely.

    If you have a good sound system - my tip !!!

    Eyes closed; Play music; dream of SAAB us Sweden.

    Healthy and Saabreiches 2013 wishes
    Ralf from Bavaria

    PS @ Tom:
    Is that maybe synonymous as a ringtone?

  • The USB Sicks in 1 or 2 GB size are regularly available at e * ay. If the video should be on it, pay attention to the trailer with the reference to the PromoTour. But on such a stick is certainly still to come!

  • Hello Wolfgang, in the almost book-like "Saab brand and models" leaflet I got in September 2011 SZ Mainz are at least a whole series of pictures but no techn. Dates. Just as when watching the movie, it is of course a little sad to see what could have been.
    Everyone here a good year 2013!

  • In fact a very good video. It is a pity that for so many years it has been so dissatisfied with SAAB. Hopefully 2013 will bring some more enjoyable things to our favorite cars and hopefully the future in the new year looks better for the people of Trollhattan.

    I wish all the people saabige greetings, a happy new year and a wonderful start to the new year.

    Greetings from Lusatia. Marco

    PS: Does anyone know if there is a way to get even such a USB stick?

  • The last French product with character was the C6 and unfortunately this was also set ...

  • One can only agree with that - the new people at NEVS would be well advised if they did not completely lose sight of the existing SAAB enthusiasts. There are certainly hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who would like to buy a new SAAB with conventional technology or even as a hybrid SAAB. To these humans belong also me - a new convertible from the well-known model row would be better than a meaningless product from German or French production!

  • Dear Wolfgang, also to you and all Saab fans a happy new year and a good start!

    From the 9-5 II Sportkombi there was only a small brochure, which is a better leaflet. I'll send you one by mail when I'm back in the office!

  • The movie has already depressed me a bit ... it's time for 2012 to end.

    Let's hope that 2013 gets better!

    A happy new year and all the best for the Saab community!

  • The video is simply a work of art, SAAB! Have always admired the brochures of SAAB, no glossy paper but great pictures, texts and drawings combined and in fine paper.
    Honor my several dozen brochures!
    By the way, do you know if there were any brochures from the 9-5 II Sport Combi?
    From the sedan and the 9-4X I have a few, but I still miss the Sport Combi.

    Dir Tom, your family and all Saabfans a "Happy New Year" and all the best for 2013 !!!

  • I also have the USB stick with film. There was one for every interested person who drove a Saab on the great PromoTour. Can still remember the impressions in the black 9-3 TurboX and the nice team from BN!

  • Wow, nice movie! Let's see what Tom still has in his box.



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