Blogger back: The year starts off well!

Was it coincidence? On the Saab dealer tour two years ago, the only song on the hard drive of our Saab 9-5 sports suit was “Hey, Soul Sister”. So the song ran day and night and today I still associate it with Saab, the sports suit and the dealer tour.

Vincent want's Sea. Florian David Fitz in the Saab 900
Vincent want's Sea. Florian David Fitz in the Saab 900

It was a time of hope and departure for Saab, and we had a lot of fun with our great cars. Add to this this song that puts you in a good mood and makes you optimistic and that goes perfectly with driving Saab. Yesterday - I was working on the Mac - some TV show was playing in the background. Suddenly I heard the song ... and my attention was caught. That sounded like Saab!

That's right, because the Train song is part of the film "Vincent want's Sea". Florian David Fitz plays Vincent, who has Tourette syndrome, and drives together with his friends in a Saab 900 towards the sea. I saw the film in 900 with my friend Marco, who lured me into the fact that a Saab 2010 plays a role, and we both loved it. None of us had expected that a year later I would hear this song every day in a pre-production Saab. But that's life. Colorful and full of surprises!

The background to the film is serious, but Fitz plays his part so well that it's absolutely vital to tune in. On Wednesday “Vincent will Meer” will be on Sat20.15 at 1:9 pm. Why our Saab had the song from the film on the hard drive and not one else will probably remain a Swedish secret forever. Maybe the Swedes were planning an introductory spot for the 5-XNUMX sports suit with this soundtrack, maybe it was a coincidence.

The film Saab was for sale after the filming and was auctioned on Ebay. Maybe he has stayed in the community and belongs to a reader on the blog.

Our start to the Saab and Auto Year 2013 begins with the next article on the blog. Stay tuned!


Picture: Sat1

20 thoughts on "Blogger back: The year starts off well!"

  • Hello Tom Hello dear Saab driver

    First of all, I wish you all a happy New Year and lots of fun with the great cars from Sweden.
    Was really a long time, the 2 weeks, luckily the Christkind came and put something saabiges under the Christmas tree.
    Tom, if it's possible I would like to share my Christkind with other Saab freaks :-)
    Where can I send a picture of this?
    My first day of work had a suspicion ... again someone from our company has given up his SAAB and switched.
    At the time of flowering we once had the proud number of 15 SAAB vehicles, with 400 employees,
    There are only 3 left today, but the 3 are real SAAB enthusiasts.

    Greetings from the southern neighboring country ...


  • Hello
    The movie used 4 almost the same 900er
    One was the Bastian Pastewka and the other 3 are from my brother.
    Two of them are still in our village. (one was green and belonged to our mayor)
    Watch the movie on the sunroof !!


    • where is the village? have not met any colleague who drives saab!

      I've just downloaded the movie on my smartphone

    • Why was it that four of them were used? Because of the different locations? Or were some of them, so to speak, "strangled" and technically gave up after a short time?

      • eg flight at the gas station cost four gears (backwards), then the flight was turned forward
        after driving through the fence, the saab should be damaged but only the crash camera and a rear door was destroyed (camera was attached to the door)

        • Ouch, that really sounds like some trolls had to sacrifice. Four gears ... luckily but only one steering wheel lock * cough *

  • Happy New !
    Vincent wants to sea I have watched 2010 with the school in the cinema.
    20% of the students have called Saaaaaaaaaaaaaab.

  • By coincidence, the red 900 from the movie has been on sale for years at a Saab workshop near our home (32791 location). Even has the signatures of the main characters on the hood.

    • Doch Take pictures and send them to Tom for the blog!

      • Good idea, always with it!

        • Alright, I'll pass by there.

  • Best wishes for Tom and his family from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg - we here in Hamburg would like to finally hear some good news from NEVS and SAAB from Trollhättan.

    Tom, your last paragraph (... it pays to stay tuned!) Makes us curious.

  • When the film was filmed, they contacted me:
    The SAAB had suffered a technical defect during the shooting! Now it was urgently needed a similar, red SAAB 900 or technical help somewhere in the north, where apparently just turned.

    Since I could not serve with a red 900er, I provided administrative support and made contact to a workshop.

    Unfortunately, I never heard anything about it again….

  • Just join me, a good and saabiges year to all! The film is strong, seen in the cinema!

  • Moin to all and a happy, Saabiges year 2013!

    Ich schick als ersten guten Vorsatz in diesem Jahr meinen „ollen Kombi“ Ende dieser Woche nun endlich zur „Pedi- und Maniküre“ und hab ihm heute auch gleich noch ein paar kleine „Leckerlies“ bestellt.

    @@ Tom
    Finally, the usual current reading in the morning for espresso !!!!
    So completely without the little black girl tastes only half as good!

  • Finally! Was already on SAAB withdrawal and feared that from 2 weeks could still be 3. All a happy new year!

  • Happy New Year, dear Tom!

    PS: my Saab year began with stinging our red on 210 PS last Friday. The song that comes to mind when I first experienced the deer is: “Just can't get enough” (Depeche Mode)!

    • Hirsch is a very good decision

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