SAAB News: News Release from NEVS

Update: 16: 42

Meanwhile, the news release from Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) is available. The text basically has the following statements that are interesting for us:

- NEVS has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Quingdao. The 9 million city in the province of Shandong initially invests € 220 million in NEVS and thus becomes a partner with 22%.

- Further investments will follow in joint ventures on the Chinese market.

- NEVS headquarters is still Trollhättan with the product development and production there.

- Quingdao is a long-term, strategic partner.

- As part of the agreement, a study will be carried out to continue the cooperation.

- NEVS is evaluating the possibilities of producing the Saab 9-3 after summer 2013.

- The first NEVS electric car is expected to appear in spring 2014.

Here the original in full:

Press release NEVS 08.01.13

So far, that's what NEVS lets us know right now. The start of the new year is promising, at least from the Saab point of view.


5 thoughts on "SAAB News: News Release from NEVS"

  • So these are good "NEVS" and Flor is right, it will be more exciting here in the blog: o) !!!
    PS: Tom Thank you 2 weeks have been missing something!

  • Continued: because that is clear, in all enthusiasm for SAAB, other fathers also have beautiful daughters.

  • Suddenly the Saabblog becomes more exciting again. It's much more interesting than warming up at our young classic cars and keeping an eye out for other brands when a newcomer is needed soon.

  • Development and design for the entire group should really be left in Trollhättan for the long term - we can see what cars look like with designs from China.

    Is there any news concerning the emblem?

  • Hello Tom.

    Although this is not the fulfillment of your wishes for 2013, but the year is still young and NEVS seems to have taken the right path with and for SAAB!

    If there is really a lot of development going on in Sweden, then maybe even the spirit could be saved or at least transferred to the new company ...

    And if we have a new used car in about 4 years, then the 2011 Griffin would have younger competition (hopefully) ...

    Greetings from the currently gray Oldenburg


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