SAAB News: Saab plant in China

Update: 13: 12

If this press release from China, then Saab investor NEVS has surprised us all, the plans of the Chinese are fleshing out. Qingdao Qingbo Investment Co. Ltd., State Power Group Co., Ltd. and NEVS have signed an agreement yesterday to build Saabs in Qingdao, Shandong China, the Quindao Daily writes.

SAAB EV-1. Coming soon from China?

State Power Group Co. Ltd., based in Beijing, is, like National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), part of National Modern Energy Holding, founded and led by Johan Kai Jiang, a Chinese with Swedish citizenship, who lives in China Jiang Dalong is called. .

Believing the Qingdao Daily, the 3-side agreement includes a 10 billion yuan investment to build a manufacturing facility for 400,000 Saabs a year. In the first phase, 4 billion yuan will be spent on half capacity. It should be both Saab vehicles with conventional drive as well as alternative versions. The new plant will house a development department, purchasing and sales. The Qingdao site is a port city in northern China.

Qingdao Qingbo Investment Co., one of the companies involved in this project, is a state-sponsored company for the Saab Project. Thus, the state sits as an investor in the boat.

This news surprised everyone this morning! Normally well-informed circles didn't know about it either, but at least we can understand the Chinese course. Nobody really wanted to believe the story of building cars in Trollhättan and shipping them to China. There is the problem of import duties, and why should cars be transported halfway around the world when it is cheaper on site ...

In terms of its economic focus, Saab will be a Chinese event. That sounds more dramatic than it is, because German manufacturers have long been focusing on China, where there is more growth than on the home market. What interests us is the Trollhättan location. How will things continue there, will we see cars from Swedish production, and where will the development focus be in the future? These questions are open.

On the other hand, the question of drives has been clarified. Gasoline, diesel, electric and maybe hybrid. This fits in with what is being told in Trollhättan. The timeframe is still unclear, here we are waiting for more information. Everything could go very fast. In China, new plants are built at a breathtaking pace if politics wants it. Faster than in old Europe, where bureaucracy, environmental protection and sustainability are more important than in Asia. An official statement from the Swedish subsidiary of National Modern Energy Holding is pending. We stay tuned.

UpdateEven though an official confirmation is still missing, our sources say the messages are correct. Trollhättan will produce in the future for Europe and the US, Qingdao supply the Asian region.




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  • ... as long as the model range, prices and, above all, quality are right

  • it is still paper, if it really is so saab is indeed a mass producer!

  • Great, finally good news for SAAB. Please continue!

  • I want to, but I can't believe it (yet).

    Tom, please stay tuned!

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth


  • Trollhättan will remain and serve the European market and the US market. The new plant is a supplement to the Asian region.

  • Is then Trollhaettan evt. Completely abandoned ????

  • Great story. Do we get 2013 a SAAB Reborn :-)?

  • Once the cash register rings in China for KJJ, production in Trollhättan will certainly start for the European market - I'm already looking forward to the new 93 on the Phoenix platform!

    I am impressed by the absolutely quiet way of working at KJJ - even in specialist circles there was no knowledge of this grandiose planning.

  • Great, I'm curious.

  • A friend has direct contact with Mikael Östlund from NEVS and has already talked to him. I think we will get more information soon.

  • Well written, Tom. We need to contact NEVS today and ask them what the plans are for the factory in THT the man bought.
    There must have been some reason why you bought this, right?

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