SAAB News: Saab used cars on

The Saab year has started well. Yesterday, China surprised us with good news, today they come from Eschborn. On and with a small delay also on starts today a used car market. Finally, I would say, because somehow we have missed cars on the Saab side. A working spare parts supply is great, but only part of the story, and cars are a must.

Saab used car exchange on
Saab used car exchange on

And where better to buy a Saab than from a dedicated Saab service partner. Saabs from well-kept previous owners and serviced by a knowledgeable hand are always worth a recommendation, and the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB is improving its range of services for partners and fans of the cult brand from Trollhättan in this way. Saab dealerships can set their vehicle offer, and the search mask in the typical Saab look with filter options for current and classic models makes the selection easy. There are still no new cars that we find on But after yesterday's events, that may change in the medium term. We would be ready ...

The new used car market will not remain the only good news from the German Saab headquarters. Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his team are continuing their success story with Xnumx and a lot of Saab Spirit, and more Saab Talk will come out of the Eschborner Tower in the next few days.



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  • A good start for SAAB also in D! Looking forward to more good news.

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    I could get used to the good news! GO SAAB, GO!

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