SAAB News: Start of production with 8.000 vehicles

The Swedish radio P4 Väst was leaked a letter that Saab owner NEVS wrote to the suppliers. Production start at the Saab plant should therefore be in the 34 week 2013. Saab starts with the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet and the sedan. The Saab 9-3X comes to the end of the year.

Saab convertible in production
Saab Cabrio in production, maybe again from summer 2013…

Probably the sports suit, the P4 Väst not mentioned. The first electrical version will follow 2014. In the second year, the production will be ramped up to 60.000 units per year and 2015 will land on 120.000 vehicles in 2 shift operations.

A friend spoke today about it with press chief Mikael Östlund. In Stallbacka these plans are not denied, but also not confirmed to 100%. There is still very positive dialogue with suppliers, and the final decision is still pending. It's definitely good news. We will see new Saab with gasoline and diesel engines.

Can we be optimistic? In any case. Saab seems on the way. We stay tuned.


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  • Hello Joachim,
    I think you did not understand the saying!
    One can also say that one should not give up hope.

  • Complement: As long as somewhere, and if it's just on the smallest corner, GM is on it, highest alertness is required. This gravedigger must go, otherwise it will be nothing.

  • I do not think so. After all the theater, I'm just one more thing: suspicious.

  • The dying talk is somehow no longer appropriate - everything is going in the right direction.

    With VM and subsequent license refusal, GM has given everything to stall SAAB - now you can still look forward to additional competition on the Chinese market and elsewhere!

  • That sounds really too good to be real. Although I am rather skeptical based on what NEVS has said so far. I'll only really believe it when the tapes actually run in Trollhättan.
    Let's hope that this time something really behind it and there are actually new cars from Trollhättan. I'm curious which engines will be used.

  • Hope dies last!

  • Thanks Tom!

  • This is the news of the year for me.
    It never happened to me so early in the year.
    But I am still looking forward to my 900 CC and the 9-3 CC I have since last week.

  • very nice, very good for the workers and employees there, now you can still find buyers with appealing advertising ... hopefully the new logo will remain appealing ...

  • If it really does happen, you can only say that NEVS is doing everything right!
    Not wild, but deliberate, with sense and after clarification of all boundary conditions.
    I would be very happy and I think that for the last 9³, especially station wagon and convertible, quite a market will be there.
    And if you are already thinking about the number of pieces, that can only mean that you are slowly becoming more specific - I keep my fingers crossed!

  • I still can't quite believe it ..., I'm sure there will be a big damper

  • I think the news is still too fresh. Nothing is known about the distribution, if you are intelligent you use the network of Saab Parts AB. Yes, the IAA would be nice and blogger wishes would come true

  • But I call that a TOP SUPERNACHRICHT at the beginning of the New Year !! That pleases me very much.

  • That's really nice news!

    Do you already know something about the distribution channels of the new owners?
    Are the existing centers and dealers used?

    Then SAAB will probably and hopefully be represented at the IAA ...

  • is there also information about a bigger model ???

  • Oooooooooooh, great anticipation for a new Saab 9-3SC. Hopefully it works too - cross your fingers ...

  • Hello.

    That's really good news! Hopefully everything will work out ...
    And slowly ramping up the production also makes a conscientious impression: Thus, the suppliers have time to start their production and also (like NEVS) to hire staff!

    Then we can soon see new SAABs on the streets again ... if they don't all go to China!

    Thanks Tom for the reporting and for the information! Thank you!

    VG from Oldenburg


  • Hello everyone .

    Where should these cars be built? In Sweden?

  • That sounds almost too good to be true. Now Tom gets the G-word out of the drawer

  • You are right. It sounds very optimistic and we have to wait for more details to come.

  • Yes of course. These news are very welcome but perhaps a bit too optimistic. I am sure many in all concerned parties have their reservations on this whole deal. I am mostly concerned about the new SAAB staying true to their former SAAB ways, with its brain in Sweden. Hopefully the future SAAB won't be just another Chinese manufacturer ...

  • Renato, there is no answer right now from my view. We have to be patient.

  • Tom, whose engines do you use? No doubt GM does not want to license the engine to NEVS. The diesel engine could come from FIAT as it has in the past, but what about gasoline?

  • Madness 🙂

  • then let's be patient again ...

  • I also thought spontaneously of April! 😉

    Wow, if that's true, I'm glad !!!!
    Somehow I didn't expect it anymore….

    From now on, “savings” will be made again for a petrol engine! 😉

  • Am I in the right month ???
    Is it already APRIL beginning today?
    A swallow doesn't make a summer ... .. that comes to mind spontaneously. After SPONTANE, JOY germinates!
    Currently I will enjoy my thrifty AND powerfull TTiD! (Because I know what I've got`)
    Tom, please stay tuned!

    Move forward SAAB !!!

  • I'm so happy to fall, ... ..

    That's good news. I thought, I have to drive my two Vector forever
    At the beginning of the new year, however, I am most happy for the Trolhättan region and above all for the “normal” workers and employees.

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