The new Saab 900 - Saab Promotion Video 1994

Is it really good 20 years ago that the Saab 900 II celebrated its premiere? Xnumx's Saab film, which is being launched in the US, shows the strengths of the 1994. Perfect ergonomics, a lot of comfort, the introduction of the Night Panel, which at that time was called Black Panel.

The new Saab 900. Promotion Video 1994.
The new Saab 900. Promotion Video 1994.

Further innovations of the 90s such as Saab-Safeseat and a huge trunk, which shows the strengths of the hatchback concept. The topic of safety was also at the top, as always with Saab. The 900 II a real Saab?

The Saab community sulked at that time doubtfully, because GM had recently joined the Swedes, and denied the new their love. Today, 20 years later, the 900 II is reminiscent of better times that have passed. But a new, exciting future for the brand seems to be within reach.

Have fun with the Saab TV!

8 thoughts on "The new Saab 900 - Saab Promotion Video 1994"

  • haha - that reminds me of the French comic book character "GASTON".
    He had also acquired a Schnöppchen of dream car and only noticed at home that it was a cut model.

  • I would still have such a vehicle as a sectional model
    for sale . Greetings from Switzerland .

  • Wow, just great !!!! What fantastic vehicles Saab already built and delivered to the inclined customers. For me, the 900 and the 9-3 I are simply timeless. Hopefully, Nevs will take the brand's story into account and make a real start.

  • there was a video with the alternative transmission (sentronic ??) where a 902 or 9-3I quickly drives through a long winding path and at the end ...... 🙂, was probably also in English, is it also available?

  • Hatchback * thumbsup *
    Until then continue driving 9000er CS with BIG FLAP

  • Fantastic what SAAB offered the driver almost 20 years ago. Very nice video that shows all the features well. I wish my 93-1 with sloping tailgate back.

  • What an elegant SAAB! A dream in scarab green as a coupe .... I still look forward to every 900 coupe on the streets today, simply timelessly beautiful. And the infinite payload options are also to be emphasized as a “load elch”! A perfect SAAB!
    I wish the big hatchback back !!!!
    All readers a SAVE weekend!

  • Always beautiful! Drive this type since 12 years and would buy this again and again or the 9-3 I.

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