SAAB Talk: Griffin up your Saab! Part II

He did it. In November we had over the Saab Griffin parts reported that Saab Service Kiel from Sweden. Parts of the blog team had backed up the radiator grille with the airplane logo. Reader Ulrich was a little more consistent than us and immediately decided on a completely new Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero front mask.

Griffin conversion: Saab 9-3 convertible from Ulrich.
Griffin conversion: Saab 9-3 convertible from Ulrich.

The operation in Kiel was successful, as you can see. The 9-3 in the Aero Trim looks fresher than the original Vector, and I especially like the more concise, larger Saab lettering. Ulrich kept the original parts and stored them. A very wise decision! He writes to us about his visit to Saab Service Kiel:

Hi Tom,
Based on the report on, I got in touch with the car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel and decided to have the Griffin bumper and radiator grille installed. Today was the day. It started at half past nine in the tranquil Bad Salzdetfurth. There was little traffic on the A9, cruise control on and at 7 km / h leisurely to Kiel. First drive past the car dealership Lafrentz, the entrance really comes IMMEDIATELY after the departure, TomTom wasn't prepared for that. But in the second attempt it worked! I drove to the courtyard and was amazed. A white SAAB 130-9, a SAAB 4-9 II and even a 5-9 II station wagon! In the showroom I was also the cause of my enthusiasm for SAAB: a 5 convertible built in 900, top restored! I had seen one of these for the first time at the IAA in 1992, but the price was beyond good and bad! But I digress.

Voher: Saab 9-3 Cabriolet
Voher: Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

Friendly welcome, handing over the car keys and then waiting. But I was happy to wait, because I could use the time and look at the wonderful vehicles! After a short time, Mr. Lafrentz joined and I got a lot of information about SAAB! I am enthusiastic about his commitment to SAAB. He took a lot of time and I didn't even notice how the time passed. Suddenly he said “and there comes your car, looks good” and he's right here too. My last doubts about the "upgrade" disappeared when I saw my car! Everything done right! In the spring, the new rims from the SAAB campaign will be added in the summer and I have a new car!
I enclose a picture. In my experience today I can only recommend the car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel. If I had enough space I would have been weak with the blue 900 convertible, or with the 9-5 II or the 9-4X….

Is this something to add? I do not think so. Dear Ulrich, Thank you for your report and always a good trip with the 9-3 (Griffin Aero) Cabriolet!


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16 thoughts on "SAAB Talk: Griffin up your Saab! Part II"

  • Yes, Kiel is always worth a trip. Did 3 trips to Saab last year. Thanks to Mr. Lafrentz and his team, I have come step by step to the beginning of June 2011 in vain ordered Griffin pretty close. My focus has been on the interior.

  • Sorry, I don't like the griffin grill at all. Much too clumsy and rowdy in appearance, so that the entire front just looks too shear-heavy. Even the previously installed grill is, in my opinion, a departure from the more subtle appearance of the brand. But, as you know, "every Jeck is different"

    • The grill is great ... When I saw it in Trollhatten back in 2011, it was clear that I had to have it! 😉 I was able to get one via the AH mentioned here ... YEAH 😉

        • where do you get the grill?
          do you only need him to change?

    • Hello,

      Discreet is different, you're right. But in comparison to the MY08, I find this Griffin front more coherent. But everything is also a matter of taste.

      Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • I wish a lot of fun and fun with this beautiful vehicle. Especially in spring and summer driving without a roof will definitely be cool.
    Many greetings from the Swiss Alps to the north coast of Germany.

  • Great!

    The comparison between before and after the conversion shows that the investment was really worthwhile.
    Have fun with the "new" Saab!

    • Thank you!

      I will have fun, because the fun guarantee does not end with our vehicles after 3 years!

      • I see it the same way. Saab is always a long-term relationship.

  • Hello.

    may one ask what the conversion costs?

    • Hi David,

      one may always ask

      I was and is worth 1500 €.


      • Hallo,

        "Only" 1500? Complete (sill, grill, painting and installation)? My friend calculated something from around 2000 for me - and I already have the grill "lying around", ie it is not included on the bill ... How does the difference come about?

        • Halo MM,

          Of course, I can't say anything about the calculation of your “friend”. I paid 1500 € for the grill and “bumper” including painting and assembly. Mr. Lafrentz in Kiel can tell you the details.

          Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

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