SAAB weekend: SAAB hangar & press reviews from Sweden

January is not a good time for our car hobby. Too cold, too dark, and vehicles with season plates are not allowed to be moved anyway. Achim and I are behind schedule with our “Saab Hangar” project. In contrast to a major public project in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, our completely privately financed project keeps the delay within two months.

Saab - Hangar. Almost ready to move in.
Saab hangar. Almost ready to move in.

After we freed the hangar from old office and warehouse installations, the dismantling is complete and finally space for our Swedish cars. The next weekend it will be time. Three of our four 9000s will leave their temporary locations and be the first residents to move in. Saab 9000 number 4 will complete the gang of four from next winter, and the old Swedes will have a permanent home for the cold season. So that it doesn't get too monotonous, the 9000ers get additional company in March through our new Saab project, which is called “Silver Aero”. More on that soon.

In Sweden, Saab was very present in the media at the beginning of the year. No wonder, because the messages struck like a bomb. The subject of Saab is still highly emotional in Sweden, and the press is as divided as the community. The comments of the most important newspapers about Saab:

The joyful ...

Antligen! Finally, so wrote Svenska Dagbladet in response to the press reports from Trollhättan and China. The period of uncertainty is coming to an end, the investment in China and the entry of a municipal shareholder are welcomed. It's no wonder, Jonas Fröberg, who writes like this. Fröberg, the car from “Kampen om Saab”, is a fan of the brand.

At the same time, he is worried about the Trollhatten location, and we share the opinion that “Made in Trollhättan” has no alternative.

The caustic ...

It commemorates Victor Muller, Dagens Industri wrote about the announcements from Trollhättan. The announcement to build 8.000 vehicles this year, then 2014 already 60.000, was considered with caustic comments. Dagens Industri has always been a Saab skeptic, no matter who owns the brand. Traditionally, the other manufacturer from Gothenburg has historical ties, and this is reflected in the style of writing.

The fact that Volvo belongs to 50% Chinese municipalities does not matter to DI. At Saab, the viewpoint is different, and just like Muller back then, it's all about the new owners.

The cautious ...

The local newspaper in Trollhättan is having a hard time. It is in the interest of the region that the chimneys smoke again in the Stallbacka, at the same time you can feel that the big decisions of the future will not be made in Sweden. TTELA is not as close as it used to be when you picked up the phone in the Stallbacka to call the editorial office. That is why one gives the cautious what one can recognize in clearly formulated subtleties.

The cars that may roll off the assembly line starting in KW34 are no longer referred to as Saabs, but rather vehicles with the Saab logo. It remains to be seen whether one will build “real” Saabs in the future. You can tell that the Chinese owners have not yet arrived in Trollhättan. Things take time.

The blogger ...

Last week a reader wrote “... that Tom will now take the G-word out of the drawer". That's the way it is. We shouldn't start expecting breaking news every week.

I feel like so many fans too. I hear the announcements and I'm happy. At the same time, I am a skeptic. I only believe in the story when the first Saab leaves production. I do not care if it's the week 34, 36 or 40. The main thing, it happens!

Until then we should be patient. Here it is again, the G-word. It will also accompany us to 2013.





8 thoughts on "SAAB weekend: SAAB hangar & press reviews from Sweden"

  • “January is not a good time for our car hobby. Too cold, too dark, and vehicles with seasonal license plates may not be moved anyway. ”
    Oh, it's just the right cars and having the right months on the season plate, then it fits.

    In addition, the SAAB surprise package for the photo competition arrived in January - great! So: I don't want to miss January. 🙂

  • Moin moin, Tom!
    Congratulations on the SAAB hangar! A stylish “garage” for the SAAB's. I'm looking forward to the further equipment. A “Silver Aero” for the best ager …… great coup!
    Winter greetings

  • Something else:
    For months, “Shades Of Gray” has been the number one topic of conversation among our employees in our office! I was never really interested in it, but happened to open page 1 in Part II in a bookstore on the weekend.
    And lo and behold: He buys her on 12.06.2011 a Saab 9-3 convertible 2.0 T! Wow! Maybe you should have read the book after all. Did the author already know at that time that in June 2011 no Saabs will be built anymore?
    Funny, about the cars from the book, the girls have never spoken in our office.

  • Saab hangar.
    That's cool, Tom. Is this a real aircraft hangar on a former airfield or how do you imagine the project?
    I'm looking forward to information about the “Silver Aero”.

  • Yes Tom the G word but this time we all have a little more confidence that it could work out

  • Hello, Actually, a real Saab has been without the GM genes. Today in the globalized car world, it depends on the propagation of the former for Saab typical oddities, the bottom groups, engines and transmissions exchange other well-known manufacturers among each other.
    Many Saab greetings Peter Kern

  • That is the question to which there is no answer. I think there is concern in Sweden that the new owners could not properly understand the Saab heritage. But we'll see if 2015 is the successor of the 9-3 (hopefully) presented.

  • Hi Tom,

    What is a RIGHT SAAB?

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