SAAB News: Shenbao D-Series goes into production

In February, the BAIC D series goes into series production with a lot of Saab DNA. Based on the old Saab 9-5, it runs in China under the name "Shenbao", which is the old Saab brand name in the People's Republic. Towards the end of the 90s, the Swedes switched from “Shenbao” to “Sabo” for unknown reasons, so that the old name became free. BAIC recognized the opportunity and took it.

Wing grill on the D320
Wing grill on the D320

BAIC, the manufacturer from the capital, did a good job with the design. Or let it do it. Because the chic cover was created with massive help from Italy. The production version, of which there will be two variants, looks better than expected, and the specialist media call the Shenbao D32o "very promising". At the start in February there seems to be a luxury version and a normal version. The difference is mainly documented by the radiator grille.

It is interesting that in the Chinese media again and again the name Saab falls. The grill of the luxury variant is to symbolize two wings. Because, as a magazine notes proudly, Saab is equal to aircraft. OK. BAIC obviously uses the Saab image and BAIC does some of the know-how that they have bought for relatively little money. Is everything legitimate and why you should not take advantage of opportunities.

Under the of Fioravanti Well-formed bonnet we meet old acquaintances from Sweden. A Saab 2 liter turbo with 200 PS and 290 Nm and the legendary 2.3 liter with 250 PS and 350 Nm. Coupled with the well-known 5-speed automatic box, the superior performance guaranteed by a prestige car is guaranteed. A charged 1.8 liter variant and a manual transmission were, for the time being, canceled.

The production version of the D320 was created not only with Saab DNA, but also with Saab support. Do we remember the Saab Performance Team? Today one is under the name "Dynatech Automotive“On the way, and the names Per Skoglund and Kenneth Bäcklund are still familiar to many Saab fans. Dynatech did the set-up drives for BAIC and the D320 promises to be a dynamic car. "The car fits like the glove on one hand“Said Kenneth Bäcklund in an interview with PV 4 Väst.

In February the sale starts with a show in Hong Kong. The Saab Perfomance team, which is now called Dynatech, is on-site. It will show the Chinese what you can do with a Shenbao. Driving a car on 2 wheels, for example. The Shenbao D320 could become a hit. For China, because no export to Europe is planned.

Later this year, the series based on the Saab 9-3 will be released. Interesting, because in Trollhättan at this time the production should run again and there will be two vehicles with the same DNA for the Chinese market. The BAIC Saab will not be recognized as Swede, and the Saab from Sweden should also be thoroughly revised. We can look forward to the result.




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    Will the ignition cassette from our 9-5 fit in there ...? 😉

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    A car made by the Chinese for China. And is good. My “first” impressions include a lot: Front = D-Benz; Rear = BMW; and white vehicle cornering = VW Golf. Well fine. I didn't expect anything else. The company is welcome to stay in China and make the local people happy. Hopefully the engine promises more pleasure!….
    I'm curious how NEVS approaches the new design line… .., hopefully like the logo: clear and factual.
    Finally winter is! Time for SAAB!

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    ... Even with the shape of the seats, an effort has been made. All attention.
    The body also has good styling, but "main stream" for my taste.
    Let's see how the SAAB 9-3 appears.
    So of course we all prefer the Swedish Saab, I think.

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