20 thoughts on "SAAB News: New visual identity at Saab"

  • Trist, sad and inconspicuous! Presumably, the logo reflects the current mood in THN! Too bad.

  • A beautiful shade of blue as the base color would have looked "more valuable" - plus the circle and lettering shiny silver. So the whole thing is pretty bland.

    Scania could not have objected to the color blue as the reason. If I am correctly informed, VW-SCANIA was interested in the depiction of the griffin in the previous way - this could and wanted to prevent with a refusal in any case. Somehow reminiscent of the behavior of the people in Detroit.

  • Honestly, as long as the new vehicles look good as usual and are also technically state-of-the-art, the logo is pretty dumb for me ...

  • Let's just wait and see how the very reduced approach to the logo on upcoming Saabs. If the design of the vehicles, as I hope, by reduction and a clear simple, functional design language counterpoint to how other car brands occur (quite cruel in my eyes, for example, at the time Mercedes with its many edges, folds and curves ), then it can be quite conclusive, even with the logo simply the Saab lettering and nothing else to show. Saab was always more for reduction than for lush or even overloaded forms.

    I just read on saabcars.com: “… a new visual identity. It is founded on the Scandinavian heritage, where the four distinctive seasons, long distances and extreme road conditions have shaped the Saab passenger cars. “I think that's going in exactly the right direction.

    • I am exactly this view of wolfgang!

      the simpler and less the design / logo, the more elegant, the more saab!
      I do not want to bark, fold, ruffle and meander Baroque.
      BMW is just about to leave this design mischief slowly, mercedes is still in the middle of it.
      fashionable things quickly go out of fashion - classic designs like saab survive longer and don't need a design upgrade every 2-3 years.

  • Now had to think of a beer mat. (

    • Somehow true ...

  • Well, after all, round !, then you can then grab the grip of the spare parts market

    • good idea, hopefully the size 🙂

      • ... or the Hirsch company develops a logo for tuned Saab ...

  • Do you need an agency for this? Put a circle and the lettering and that's it. They made us wait forever for that.

    • And so much time ……… ..

    • That was also my first thought 🙂

  • I can not make friends with the bonnet design at all. Without any spirit, what's that? Hopefully the bill was not too expensive.

    • absolutely correct, also thanks to Andre ', because something special is missing, that turned out to be very "factual". The old logo could "only" not be used in the color, it is a shame that the gray crown was not saved, it would at least crown the gray lettering and let it shine. It reminds me of the old Audi emblem on the Audi 80 and the first A4 (I think).

      Many turbo greetings

    • Totally agree !!!

  • Then it will remain a dream, a sonnet, or coupe, or hatchback with a grip in a new color on the hood and steering wheel. Although it has been certain for a long time that the Gripen will disappear, I will still miss the Gripen, because which emblem generates more emotion and spirit, a gray lettering, or an image? The Gripen didn't just have one statement for me. Anyway, it's great that it continues, hopefully the special spirit of Saab will be retained, it will remain exciting and it is, as always, ... to keep. 🙂

    • Hello Martin.

      Yes, the griffin was of course something special! I like to remember my childhood with the SAAB 900 Turbo and the logo with griffin with the words SAAB and SCANIA! That was part of it! When we drove on the roads through northwest Germany, we only saw a few SAAB cars, but instead a few SCANIA trucks and they belonged to the family for me - as it was in the "old" logo.

      But first the Scania lettering disappeared and now the Greif too ... But as a reminder: We don't owe that directly to NEVs, but also to SCANIA, or VW!

      In addition, there were the griffin so only with the 90 models (I think). The first models had no griffin! Just as the planned future models under Skyper would have had no more, or the PhöniX did not have more.

      Thus, NEVs continues what VM has started. But unfortunately also without an airplane in the logo.

      So I can at least hope that at least the symbol will stay in the grille ... and please also the turbo display!

      Greetings from the snowy Oldenburg


  • Yes man (s) can not have everything, but better than nothing

    • Because less would have been 'nothing' with the logo - maybe less is actually more, but if the gray levels continue in the general design, then your eyes go straight to sleep.

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