SAAB News: Autoliv will decide next week

The local newspaper in Trollhättan has rediscovered the subject of Saab. Gone are the days where you could write about slippery roads and missing cats. Autoliv, a traditional Saab partner, will have its internal exam connected next week, it is reported today. Then it is clear whether the supplier of safety systems is on board.

Together with Autoliv, Saab has made many innovations in the past. The Saab Safe-Seat concept, which premiered in the Saab 902, was such a jointly conceived innovation. For the new Saab owners, the security giant Autoliv is unlikely to be an alternative and the company had already sent positive signals to the outside in recent days.

According to investor NEVS, if 99 agrees, it is% of suppliers, which seems a bit high. From what the blog has been hearing in recent days, so much optimism is premature and more former suppliers seem to be undecided. But investors might be good for surprises, something he has proven over the past few days, and ultimately, it depends on whether NEVS is able to provide the required bank guarantees to suppliers.

Only then does a new start move more and more into the realm of reality. The crisis that has affected parts of the auto industry could be an advantage for Swedes with Chinese owners. While German companies are still doing relatively well, companies in France and Italy have been caught off guard. Suppliers now have free capacities, the order books are no longer as well stocked as they were a year ago. 60.000 vehicles produced in Trollhättan that the plan provides for 2013 could be a small compensation. In addition, the necessary tools are available and only small investments are required.

Next week we are a bit smarter. So we have patience again. Do we like the new Saab logo? The bonnet design provides for discussion and the community seems at odds. While waiting, we can vote with friends of Saabsunited on how to find the new Saab logo.


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