SAAB News: SAAB Parts AB strengthens field service

Tobias Malta
Tobias Malta

There is more positive Saab news. Swedish Distribution Services Deutschland GmbH from Eschborn, subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, welcomed Tobias Malta today, who will strengthen the partner support in the field service. Mr. Malta is responsible for southern Germany and Austria, and the increase in staff is another good piece of news from the Saab environment.

So far, Tobias Malta has worked successfully in after-sales for Ford, and has a long affinity for the Saab brand. His hobby is rallying, and Saab is especially in the historic rally environment to think away.

The sporting legends Saab 93 and Saab 96 are still welcome participants at every event and were his first points of contact with the brand from Sweden. Although, as he says, Mr Malta is currently only a spectator for time and family reasons, his enthusiasm for rallying is unbroken.

As I was told in Eschborn in a personal conversation, had a larger number of applications than expected. Which in turn speaks for the unbroken fascination of the traditional brand from Västragötland. What fascinates about Saab and what makes Saab so interesting as an employer?

Tobias Malta sees it this way: Saab is cult for him, is Swedish design and the symbol of longevity, reliability and safety. Particularly fascinating he finds the Saab Community, which is a cult brand from Trollhättan and keeps the vehicles loyal even in difficult times. No bad conditions for a successful entry into the Saab world. Saab, he has felt, is just different from others and has a unique position in the automotive cosmos.

No wonder that Tobias Malta felt equally well accepted in the Eschborn team. "It's a Saab family ..." There is nothing to add. The German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB thus improves the care of the Saab partners and has another experienced after-sales employee on board since today. The team also welcomes Tobias Malta to Saab!


Image: Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH


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  • Mr Malta's colleague is moving a fancy 9-5 Aero, at least that's for sure

  • Out of curiosity: what does a new sales representative from Saab Parts get as a company car? A new car can not be, right?
    Maybe the gentleman reads here himself Malta and can answer that. Otherwise, I wish Mr Malta a good start and a successful future.

  • That sounds really good. The year has started well for SAAB.

  • Good news, are you already preparing for new car sales in Eschborn?

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