SAAB News: The Saab model family in Kiel

If you see the photos, you might think that Saab is in perfect order. The Saab model 2012 11 and 9 is assembled, and there are Saab images with rarity value. For when do you see two Saab 4-9x, two 5-9 II sports, one 5-9 II sedan and one 3-XNUMX Griffin united here in Germany?

Saab Parade in Kiel. Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-5 sports and sedan sedan and 9-3 Griffin at Saab Service Kiel.
Saab Parade in Kiel. Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-5 sports and sedan sedan and 9-3 Griffin at Saab Service Kiel.

Saab Service Kiel makes it possible for us. The Lafrentz family has long been in the north with a lot of heart and soul for the cult brand from Trollhättan. The Kiel car dealership radiates Saab atmosphere, and with restorations one is there for Saabs of all vintages. Currently, a Saab 99 Turbo is being rebuilt in Kiel, and we are looking forward to the result.

In December - as a Christmas gift - a Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit in “Jet Black” was brought to the fjord for their own private Saab collection from Sweden. The second sports suit in the picture also remains in the north and has a new home in the Hamburg area.

About the fabulous Saab 9-4x Aero, there are only two specimens of this kind worldwide, we already had berichtet, Some vehicles such as the second 9-4x and the 9-3 Griffin are for sale and are waiting for a new owner.

Saab is also very much alive in 2013. The community and committed enthusiasts who invest time and money are responsible for this. The pictures are unique and were taken during a photo op. Because not only we are somehow incurably Saab-crazy, the press is also interested in the small brand from Sweden. What's going on there will be told soon when we get the green light. Now have fun with the picture gallery!



11 thoughts on "SAAB News: The Saab model family in Kiel"

  • I can not confirm the praise. I have repeatedly had only bad experiences there. The only Saab workshop I really dissuade others from.

  • A dream ... do you know if you will ever see the 9-5-SC on the street? Or are both pure collectibles?

  • But my “SAAB heart” beats tightly at the sight of these beautiful cars from southern Sweden. Simply unbelievable that these products are no longer made ......
    I still can not quite believe it.

    Many greetings from Switzerland

  • I met the Lafrentz families at the Oktoberfest; real saabists.
    I am glad that these families have brought these beautiful cars back.
    I'm curious if you can see this sport combination on the streets?

  • What an appearance! Bravo! Congratulations to the owners! What kind of a model year would it have been… ..The direction was perfect!
    I'm curious how NEVS will continue ...
    Thumbs up!

  • Hello Peter,

    there you are right, that is unfortunately the sad truth !!! But it also shows what is possible with a lot of passion and enthusiasm in this situation, it remains to hope that this for the car dealership is worth it to wish you.

  • Great pictures, but somehow sad. If you consider that it could look so today before every Saab dealer if only a few things would have gone differently. Especially if a few cardboard noses at GM would not have done so.

  • These are pictures that make every fan's heart beat faster. It is a pity that these vehicles should not be built. All the more so, as a colleague of my Saab workshop reports that the first 9 5ers of the second generation with now over 100 tkm go on the counter without any deficiency symptoms by the maintenance services, outside of this the workshop would never look and are of outstanding quality ,

  • Now everyone can see why I was so excited about my visit to 04.01.2013.
    Greetings to Kiel!

  • Best regards in the north!

    The Saab 9-7x, which was bought there, is still running without complaint and will continue to be used indefinitely, even though it has been in competition with an 9-5aero_xwd since the beginning of the year.

  • Hi Tom,

    look really great from the 9 5er, gets the HH an approval or is it in a collection?
    he wants to be driven that "you can see him": o)
    in Kiel, the Saab world seems to be in order, there must go sometimes!

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