SAAB Tag: Saab Bookshop available

It's just a small message from Nyköping. But good news for some Saab drivers among us who are looking for German-language Saab on-board literature. Because many fans have brought a wish-Saab directly from Sweden or imported from other European countries.

Saab Bookshop for on-board literature available
Saab Bookshop for on-board literature available

In-country-language on-board literature has not been re-ordered for a year, and local dealers were often unable to help, especially in recent model years. The Saab Parts AB Bookshop is now available after a long wait and provides manuals, service manuals and documentation for Saab Infotainment.

Documents are available for Saab 9-5 series 1 and 2 and Saab 9-3. Currently, documents from model year 2006 to model year 2012 are on offer. The purchase can be made via the Saab Service Partner.


Image: Saab Parts AB