Saab: Saab 900 from “Vincent Wants the Sea”

More and more frequently we can see Saabs in films. Is it because filmmakers have always had a weakness for the cult brand from Sweden? Saab is supposed to be the preferred car brand of intellectuals, architects and doctors. I see that more relaxed. Saab has always been the brand of individualists.

Saab 900 from "Vincent wants sea". Bonnet with signatures.
Saab 900 from “Vincent Wants the Sea”.
Bonnet with signatures.

When shooting “Vincent want's Sea”Four Saab 900 are said to have been used. Allegedly only one vehicle survived production without any damage. One of the film Saabs is for sale in 32791 location, and reader Mathias was kind enough to drive his Saab to the location and take pictures for us there.

The state of the 900i, which has 360.480 kilometers on the counter, so just retracted, is anything but good. Well, the Saab is a sucker and no bitchy turbo, which in this case would be on the credit side. The body has, nicely worded, patina, and the hood struggles with rust. How it looks under the Sweden sheet is to be guessed at best. About the price claims, nothing is known, but on the side window, the mobile number of the seller can be found.

Anyone who has a heart for the 900i buys it, restores it and subsequently has a Saab with a unique history. As I said ... the machine has just run in 🙂


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  • Only yesterday I admired the Saab 9000 from Sean Archer's wife at “Face Off”. I could like it too (the Saab of course ...)

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      And I recently saw an 9-3 facelift in the movie Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler, unfortunately it was the car of the villain

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