Saab in the snow: Does the tire always have to be expensive?

In winter it is important that the person wears good shoes and the car has good tires. Only, what are good tires? Does it have to be a high price tire or is it cheaper?

I deliberately chose no Michelin or other well-known brands this winter. Vredestein should be, to be precise: the Wintrac Xtreme (link) 235 / 45 R18. The tire was recommended to me by my tire dealer, he himself had long worked as a Saab mechanic in a workshop and knows the Swedes well. He recommends those who do not have one of the three top names, the Vredestein in winter. "They are great, in the summer keep your fingers off the Ultrac Sessanta, they tend to deform."

What exactly should be special about the tire and better, you can follow on various pages. But how does he drive himself the Dutchman?

On a dry track, he keeps like an 1, in the curves no slipping ... and while braking? Well, this is just my feeling, yes he keeps like a Michelin. So in the dry no problems. Also, the tire is not spongy or too hard, the ride comfort is given, and the rolling noise is slightly higher than in summer, but these are not so prominent that it is disturbing.

Nice in the dry he is really good ... and in the rain? Because, to be honest, here in northern Switzerland or in the Freiburg region, we have more rain than snow ;-).

Review Vredestein
Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme

With a lot of rain, he drives slightly spongy but very safe, very well. Luckily I did not have to do a full braking, but the braking characteristics are good. And now to the king discipline, snow and ice.

When it's snowing, the tire picks up properly, it holds - it has grip and it's fun to drive it. The rolling noise is slightly higher than the premium brands, but still quite good. Braking, as usual on snow, is not the fastest way to brake. But he is doing well and has saved me from two or three tricky situations. So I am happy with the tire and it is a real alternative to the premium brands.

SAAB Turbo X tire test

To test, I have to say that I've done it with my Saab 9-3 TurboX, the XWD was on and has certainly helped.

Now I have written that the tire is okay, am I alone? No, he has passed several tests as a winner and repeatedly turned out to be a solid tire. But he is not as expensive as Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear and Michelin because of his lesser acquaintance. The Vredestein tire now costs CHf 239.- on the websites and € 207.- in Germany.

I got a good tip from my tire dealer. Buy tires from winter in summer, then prices are lowest and summer tires at the end of the old year. So I've been happy to save 15% -20% this year


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  • Vredestein tires are certainly not bad, price and performance are right. I bought a Nokian WR A3 XL for my Saab. Am also very covered by the tire, also here is the price and performance. So far, I can not say anything negative about it.

  • In the North German lowlands, you could get along with summer tires even in winter - SAAB automobiles are known to be "winter-proof" by design.

    Obviously it rides with tires that are made for the winter months, even better and safer - this is also inevitable because of the insurance regulations!

    As completely sufficient, I can recommend all-season tires from Hankook for the 9-5 I - these tires are not only clear in all weather conditions, they are also extremely quiet (have the only blue environmental angel in terms of noise).

  • I drive a 9-5 SC 2.3t Hirsch, I have ordered for this winter falcons of dimension 225 / 45 / 17, on dry and wet roads is the tire top. On snowy roads rather scanty, so even with slight gradients ESP must be turned off so that a move forward is possible!
    Will change again next winter on Nokian, although have loud rolling noise for the traction on snow is very good.

    Greetings from Central Switzerland

    • The Nokian tires mounted on my 9-3X deer are relatively quiet.

      Also greetings from Central Switzerland

  • My wife has a 9-3 SC Bj.09. We have the Dunlop 4D, rarely a better driven.
    And to get far below 207 € price, but is probably synonymous to the tire size.
    The Vredestein on our other Sweden were ok, but are very quickly worn :-(

  • Hi,
    I also have best experiences with the relatively unknown Nokian winter tire, both on my 9-3 Aero Cabrio and on my XC90 - here even as a summer tire in the dimension 19 ".
    Have fun on the fresh snowy roads

  • hi,
    Unfortunately, the Vredestein's are notorious for rubbing as fast as erasers. if one takes the longevity of a michelin and compares it with the vredestein, the price is relativized again.
    I am very satisfied with my michelin's on my saab convertible and they really last a lot longer than anything I drove before.
    dear greetings alexander

  • I'm always driven by conviction Michelin, as an alternative would be for me only the Nokian in question.

    But next summer is sure to come:

    My AERO still has the factory tires in the form of Continental Sport Contact2 on the summer rims. And then I'm thinking - again the Michelin Primacy HP or a Nokian or at least a new Contimodell? Mileage is not as important to me as a little driver (9 TKM per year), rather rolling noise (!) And wet grip. Does anyone have a good alternative in 225 / 45-17?

  • Something quality is already worth it!
    I now have the 2. Winter on my 9-3 2.8T XWD (05.2009) the Continental Winter Mounted 235 / 40 19. Here in the mountains I have had very good experiences, mostly on snow. Because of the unusual dimension - but on Saab original rims! Is it just a bit more expensive - at Reifen-direct about CHF 335.-
    The only "Wehrmutstropfen" on a dry road it runs after each rut nach

    André Hirschi
    Davos Platz

    • 19 "in winter ?? nice but what do you have in the summer?

      • also 19 "- ex factory that was called 2009 XWD Sport Package 19 J
        I do not know if there was this option only in the CH - but tom knows for sure

        By the way, as I said - I live in Davos on 1560 I'm tired in the snow is even more fun and holds good!

  • 235 he in the winter? FANCY !
    Only a little bit of pressure on a square centimeter.

    • Yes 235 in winter, I know they are wide but it hangs without problems

      Lg yves

  • Hello,

    I chose a Nokian WRD3 this winter (205 / 55 / HR 16) for a Saab 95 TiD.

    and I have to say the tire is better from the Michelin I had on the car in the season before!
    I just noticed it today!

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