Saab Tag: "... a well thought-out concept of being different"

Saab is present in the press. Still, you could say. Because Saab is becoming more and more of a mystery for the entire industry. There have been no new cars for what feels like an eternity, and yet the community, including the brand, is more intact than ever. Brands usually disappear from public perception very quickly after production has been stopped. But what is normal at Saab? A short summary of the press releases, which are sometimes amusing, from the last few days:

Saab in the commercial
Saab in the commercial

Saab in the press. Part 1

Anyone who has read the 3 / 2013 issue of Der Spiegel will find a short article on Porsche 96. Under the headline "Is the car still suitable for the big pose ..." is interviewed Rüdiger Hossiep, business psychologist of the Ruhr University Bochum on the topic. It is no surprise that Porsche is often bought by a well-established audience in the not so young age. Not even the fact that the psychologist recommends a Ferrari instead of a Porsche for the big show. The surprise comes to the end:

Spiegel: Which car do you drive?

Hossiep: For the daily rides an old Saab. The brand stands for a well thought-out concept of otherness.

I could not have said better!

Saab in the press. Part 2

The auction of the last Saabs in Sweden was the prelude to a great press echo. Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 II sportswear also went through the German media. Here in the Autobild and it was not the last article on the subject Saab in the car magazine.

Saab in the press. Part 3

The German branch of Saab Parts AB surprised us at the beginning of the year with a used car exchange on The portal is now filling up with used vehicles, and above all the dedicated partners are there. The Autobild is currently very open to Saab and brought with the used car market already the second article to the cult brand this year.

Autohaus online also registered the innovation and published the good news from Eschborn.

Saab in the press. Part 4

There was the story with the new Saab logo, which was presented to the public last week. There is some controversy in the community, and the press also picked up the news from Sweden. The Design Diary made it especially good and released all Saab logos since 1947.

Saab in the press. Part 5

In the used car market of the current January issue of Autobild Klassik you take a Saab 900i Cabriolet under the microscope. The offer from Mannheim is driven to the test and like. Almost enthusiastically, the author writes “What a red! The sophisticated world is seductively reflected in him. So full, so shiny, and in the rare combination with beige leather ... " The classic 900 inspires not only us, but also the journalists of Autobild Klassik, what we understand.

Saab in the commercial

Even more Saab. In the new commercial by Spartherm drives a Saab 900 II, or is it an 9-3 I, in the first sequence in bad weather through the picture. The spot is on the manufacturer side retrievable.

In addition, there are plenty of little Saab notes in the engine press, and felt is currently more reported on Saab, as at the time when the tapes were still running. The brand has started well into the new year. Why is it? Is it the tireless work of the Saab-crazy traders who are still holding the flag up with the griffin? Is it the dedicated team in Eschborn or the many fans of the community? The answer will be a mix of all the facts. One thing is for sure: Saab is alive and we are part of it.



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      No, they do not know anymore. But is nice to read 🙂

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    The special thing about the Spartherm spot is that you can easily replace the word Spartherm with the word SAAB ...

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    Hi Tom
    With all the enthusiasm for "our" brand, which you will not leave even if you z. Is currently in automobile convalescence, the workshop or dealer problem is a dramatic one.
    The three dealers who have accompanied me more or less well in my 30-year-old SAAB existence no longer exist, or are so disillusioned and unmotivated that they hardly dare to buy a SAAB anymore.
    In the meantime I would feel pretty lonely here in Southern Bavaria because of the service.
    Bamberg is just not around the corner and otherwise it looks rather dark white.
    A dilemma, or at least an awkward situation that will certainly make some of the community pondering.


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      Well Gallix this problem pinches us all more and less and it will not be any easier in the near future.

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      Hello Gallix, where exactly in southern Bavaria are you? Matthias

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        Mia san Holladaua (KEH)

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          Dear Gallix,

          It is not exactly around the corner for you, but I can warmly recommend the car service Mittermüller in Freising ( (if you do not know it yet)!

          Best regards,

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          Hello Gallix,

          Although not "around the corner" either, but for many years at SAAB as a master, with SAAB in the blood and just try it: "Mechanicus" Micheal Reichhold in 86316 Friedberg.



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    "Saab is alive and we are part of it",
    just great!

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