Time document. New Saab plant in Malmö!

It was 1989 when the first Saab 900 left the new plant in Malmö. The new Saab production facility was the Swedish government's response to the shipbuilding crisis that shook the country's west coast. A car factory of a special kind was built on a former shipyard area. Group work instead of assembly line, a waterfall, green islands and seating groups were to be found everywhere in the factory.

Saab plant in Malmo 1989
Saab plant in Malmo 1989

It was the time when even simple work should not be monotonous, and it was the time of the Swedish Folkhemmet. The vehicles from the Malmo plant were easy to find for customers. Poor quality and probably the worst Saabs ever. Even many years later, you could be sure of a particularly rusty specimen from the 900 series: it came from Malmo!

No wonder the experiment with self-determined work in groups failed. Despite all the subsidies, Saab lost the fabulous sum of $ 18.100 per new car. The local press wrote 18 months later. Because as early as 1991, GM, which had just started at Saab, put an end to the spook and dealt with the location. Today there is nothing in Malmö reminiscent of the former car production, and the Saab factory is replaced by a modern conference center.

Saab was, as one must say to the honor rescue, at that time not alone with the trend to the group work. Green plant islands and working groups were found in the works of many manufacturers. It must have been an experimenting time. As fast as they came, sitting groups and plants disappeared again, and colleague Roboter took over the work.

The film is a journey into a bygone era of the small Swedish brand. Malmo was very modern in terms of equipment. Computer workstations were more the exception than the rule almost 25 years ago. It's nice to see new Saab 900 being assembled. The Saab classic was already on the way to becoming a legend at the time and is more so today than ever.

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  • The plant in Malmö was truly legendary. And when I look at the video today, it seems to me even more out of time like then.

  • Gorgeous, these new rear axles !!!

  • That was the first fatal and ill-considered decision by the Swedish government towards Saab. 23 years later came the second, but even worse.
    So you see again: politics does not have to mix with business.

  • halllo!
    The cars from Malmö were certainly not the first garde in terms of quality, but grotesque Saab's came from Belgium at the time
    (mechelen). There you had somehow built mist with the priming of the bodies. The rusted faster, how they could drive. The rest was also not clean mounted. We have
    several saab were brought from holland and belgium and sold to denmark. it became really criminal if these cars were still there
    had gas system, then was the machine at 150tkm. on.
    the saabs were but in good company. The 240 volvos from belgium were even worse. there was after 6-8 years federbeindurchbrüche.gabs also very cheap. With gas, the engines were to 150tkm over.
    many greetings from northern Germany

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