SAAB 9-5 driving report in Aftonbladet and Blogger on the way

En Sista Saab: Saab's 9-5 II story today in Aftonbladet.
En Sista Saab: Saab's 9-5 II story today in Aftonbladet.

Today I'm on the road with the Turbo X in snowy Upper Franconia! At this time of year, all-wheel drive makes a lot of sense and gives a feeling of additional security. There is therefore a little less going on on the blog than usual.

There is reading material for Saab fans in Sweden today. The Aftonbladet brings in its print edition a three-page driving report of the Saab 9-5 II sports suit. I don't know whether the story “En Sista Saab” will also be available online. But for all Saab fans from Sweden and also for those from Germany who are traveling in Sweden privately or professionally today - two are known to me - the purchase is worthwhile. Because the story is well written.

Swedish readers will wonder how it is that a Saab 9-5 sports car with a Kiel license appears in a Swedish publication.

But that's a long story and again typical of Saab, and regular visitors to the blog know that there as well Saab Service Kiel has the hands in the game.

The background story to the sports combos and their appearance in the press is told when the opportunity has come for it and I get the green light. But there is still some time left. More about Saab comes when I'm back in the office.


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    The article also appears online. But I do not know if it will be readable for free or for a fee via the Plus function. But I will do my best to make it possible for him to be hired for free after some time here on this page.

    The story also appears in the German media, in time to more.

    The action was a lot of fun, a big thank you to Kiel.

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      well that's just like the ü-egg tension and anticipation: o

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      That sounds good, I'm looking forward to it

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    Hi Tom,

    I can hardly wait now that you get the green light

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    I'm curious. Anyway, I can finally pick up my 9-3 sc today.

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