SAAB Talk: In the right direction

The news from Trollhättan is sparse. At least what's coming out about Saab. Other Saab-specific things that you can not write about, or that require extra sensitivity in the formulation, are there, but I do not have the time. The community must, as always, be patient. The local newspaper fills a small piece of this vacuum today.

SAAB - More than a car
SAAB - More than a car. Old, small version, and the new larger version.

LeanNova: In the right direction

LeanNova, a successful Saab spin-off, is very active in Trollhättan. The young company now has 100 employees, mostly former Saab engineers, on board. The collaboration between NEVS and LeanNova is closer than ever. Outside the Chinese investors, the TTELA writes, LeanNova employees are probably the most likely to know about the chances of restarting with the Saab 9-3.

LeanNova has engineering expertise when it comes to starting production. The way there is described as a "long journey" because it is a complete restart from level zero. But it is "going in the right direction". In general, the Saab suppliers are very positive. The new Saab owners give a lot of development work to third parties. A path that more and more young manufacturers are taking. Newcomer Qoros operates this strategy very consistently. The first production vehicle of the Chinese-Israeli consortium is actually - apart from the design - a Magna construct. This strategy does not have to be wrong if the product is mainly developed in Sweden and it is undoubtedly perceptible as a Saab. More on this topic will come in the next few days.

Saab Parts AB to the Ministry of Finance

The shares of Saab Parts AB have been transferred from the national debt management to the Ministry of Finance. Following a government decision last Thursday, the Ministry of Finance is now responsible for the former Saab subsidiary. "The key words are value creation and continued positive development," said Peter Norman, the responsible minister for financial markets, in a press release.

The cult sticker

There was this story with the Saab cult sticker from Eschborn. Swedish Distribution Services, the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, started this campaign, but the adhesives were quickly sold out. A reproduction followed, and the “Saab - More than a car” stickers are now available in a new, larger version. Only Saab partners who participate in the actions of the Eschborn branch have access to the stickers.

A Saab dealer told me that he had received emails from Saab drivers from all over Germany who wanted to get the stickers. Hmmmmm .... are we positively infected with Saab? It seems so ! But completely normal ... would be boring too. Or?




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  • blank

    Does anyone, except Tom (pictures are already online), have the sticker affixed to his Saab?

    Then please post pictures ... 😉

  • blank

    Maybe I could help you there ...
    Have four of the smaller version with black font and four with white font.

    • blank

      It would be great if we could come to such a cool sticker here in Switzerland.

      Would fit great with my new 9-5 II Aero 2.8 with sunroof, which I just bought before 2 days ago.

      • blank

        Congratulations on the great 9-5 II
        Always the best ride!

    • blank

      Moin Saabrio.

      Really - would you do that?
      Wow! That would be really super cute !!!

      Whether black or white, I wouldn't care ... The main thing is a transparent background and I get one (or two) somehow! 🙂

      How do we get together?
      (I would not like to publish my e-mail address here; but I also have an account with saab-cars ... maybe about it and PN?)

      • blank

        Moin Moin, I have Saabrio forwarded your email address, since the communication should now work

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          Great, very nice!
          Thanks Tom !!!!

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    I would pay (almost) any price for 1-2 such “transparent” stickers ... I just think they are very successful!

  • hmmm, here in Switzerland, tears are already shining in our eyes when we see these beautiful adhesives. He would be on every one of my beloved Saabinen a great eye-catcher.

    @ Tom - no way to include something like that in the shop?

    • blank

      Unfortunately, no chance for us. The design is protected and belongs exclusively to the Saab Parts. The distributor is only through Saab partners who take part in the actions.

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        Maybe you could still ask again in Eschborn ??

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    Looks good, the new campaign sticker. Now with transfer film, ie single letters? Hopefully it will be spring soon ... at the moment it is still too cold to glue 😉

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    The 9-3 can be built in a certain configuration without GM parts.

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    Hi Tom,

    assuming that NEVS really manages to start production of the 9-3, what about the licenses to GM / Opel for used parts, software etc. ??? There was something ...


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      After the administrators have checked the problem extensively and after they have sold the rights to NEVS, we should assume that the 9-3 is “GM-free”.

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    Yesterday I got 2 for the new car. 🙂

    • blank

      What kind of a you have you got? 😮

    • A new SAAB in the community? What was there? Please more details!

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    Would be something for the SAAB Fan Shop,

    Order two in white.Grüße


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