SAAB Day: Turbo X in the snow and Dudenhoffers trolls

In recent days, the Turbo X was in the Spessart and in Upper Franconia on the way. Often on roads of third order with closed snow cover. Impressive, what the Saab does with the snow. The annoying white splendor is suddenly a fun factor, so happily the turbo dart through the snow.

Saab Turbo X: He loves snow!
Saab Turbo X: He loves snow!

As long as the track is clear and no roadblock obstructs the way, you can let the Swedes fly. In curves, it is stuck in the snow, and the liability limit is probably a lot higher than my courage allows. Only he has to brake like every front-wheel drive. That limits the driving pleasure then something.

What Saab technology can do, you learn when driving on completely icy roads. Accelerate, the TX dangles briefly and then pulls away like a cop - accompanied by the typically smoky Turbo-X sound, which is definitely not suitable for young people. How he does it and with what ease is impressive. Technology that excites. One thing is clear. The Turbo X is the most active Saab that we have had in the last 21 Saab years. So please, if cars roll off the production line again in Trollhättan, because with XWD and eLSD.

Which brings us to the next topic.

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer and the trolls

Who does not know Ferdinand Dudenhöffer? The self-proclaimed autopapster is always present in the media. If there is something to say about the Opel or discount battle, then he is in front of the camera. Unfortunately, also on the subject of Saab. In the last Bloomberg article he gives Saab a very small chance.

Dudenhöffer's information stand is three months behind the current developments, which does not prevent him from expressing his opinion to the international press. What is frightening is that this Bloomberg article made it into the local newspaper Trollhättans today. But not only Saab suffers from the professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Wolfsburg was hit at the end of 2012. Dudenhöffer swaggered across all television channels about discounts, one of his favorite topics that never existed. VW went on the counter-offensive and had automobile journalists write against it, and extraordinary alliances were formed across brand borders against Dudenhöffer and his theory of the “discount war”.

The number of Dudenhöffer fans should be limited in the auto industry, but he still owns the sovereignty over the Stammtisch of the Republic. Now it has just hit Saab and the investors. But we know better because investor NEVS has meanwhile relativized its electric car plans, and the events in Trollhättan are gaining momentum.

That Bloomberg describes besides Dudenhöffer the trolls and the connection between Trollhättan and Saab makes the article worth reading. "Saab Hometown Prays for Revival….”Is the headline. Can anything else go wrong?

New car magazine

Because is a car blog and not a business blog, the weekend is followed by a brief reference to a new car magazine, which will soon be distributed by Burda Verlag. From March will be Grip, based on the same-named television program, appear every two months. Reports about Youngtimer are promised, a car division in which we can (at least) temporarily classify our brand.

Tomorrow and Sunday follow messages from the Saab community, and on Monday it continues with Trollhättan and things that will change on the blog.

Allen Saab fans a nice weekend!



8 thoughts on "SAAB Day: Turbo X in the snow and Dudenhoffers trolls"

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    After all, Duenhöffer gives SAAB a 'low' chance. 2 years ago the SAAB did not give any chances ...

    I've been driving a 2012-9 Aero MY 5 since the end of September 06. This winter I had the same experiences as Tom: Despite the adverse weather conditions, my 'Bolide' is always at the front; o) - In this sense: Nice WE dem greatest blog I know!

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    Dudenhöffer has no idea about cars. If I see the guy already, I get the puke.
    Nice weekend to all of you.

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    The TX is an absolute dream. Have fun in the snow!

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    Moin Tom,

    I wish you a nice weekend.

    Yes, the self-crowned Dudenhöffer is really a nuisance. Nothing sensible has ever come out of his mouth. But like the famous sack of rice, the Chinese will say: "Who is Dudenhöffel, whether he says what, or in Germany a sack of potatoes falls over."

    PS: Joe is logged in and runs since yesterday (great), I could not wait that long. Driving report will follow soon.

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    Fantastic car, Tom!

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    Hi Tom,

    the blog is really great so far! In my opinion, by far the most interesting, lively and informative Saab blog. It's worth taking a look almost every day! A lot of Saab spirit is conveyed here. There is a lot of work behind it - thank you very much for this extraordinary commitment! So I'm really looking forward to the announced changes!

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      Excuse the English, I can't speak German, but I must agree with hkk9-3c here. I come here every day because this is now the most interesting and most active SAAB blog. It seems to be the one most infected with the SAAB spirit. 🙂

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    Hi Tom,

    you also a nice WE, until Monday !!!!

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