Vote: Saab license plate holder

Probably it was the hitherto most unspectacular survey on The result was virtually fixed after just one day, because the design with the classic Saab aircraft set itself apart from all other proposals for Saab license plate holder. More than 400 readers have voted and Proposal Number 1 has been voted 81%.

Saab license plate holder: Made in Trollhattan by Trolls
Saab license plate holder: Made in Trollhattan by Trolls

An almost socialist election result. The plane fits the roots of the brand and it would have been nice if the investors from China had included this with their new logo. But you can not have it all. Design number 1 was also the clear favorite in our team, although the trolls certainly have their charm. We therefore gave our green light to our print shop on Monday. The result impresses and the new logo fits by simply Umklippsen on the previous carrier systems.

Voting result: Saab license plate holder
Voting result: Saab license plate holder

In parallel to the vote, many new suggestions came from the community. Old Saab advertising slogans as stickers, more choice and versions for license plate holders for Switzerland and Austria. We will check what is feasible and affordable for small quantities. At the same time, we don't want to sell “cheap frames” from the Far East. We tested them in December and then returned the shipment to the supplier. We therefore remain with “Made in Germany”.

The license plate holders with the classic Saab aircraft symbol can now be ordered in the shop. All arrears will be delivered on Monday and will arrive at the fans over the next week.



6 thoughts on "Vote: Saab license plate holder"

  • Hey Tom,
    Would be really awesome, if there were any for Switzerland !!! They would certainly go away quickly!

  • Did I understand correctly earlier that these wonderful holders don't work in Switzerland, right?

    It greetings

    • That is (unfortunately) correct. But we are considering a circulation for Switzerland.

  • Can someone give me the size of a German license plate so I can see if this beautiful license plate holder fits for my license plate abroad?

    • Hi Eric

      the size is 52 cm x 11 cm. BTW: The license plate holder have become great!

      • Thank you

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