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A blog is a blog. But a blog is also more. Again and again emails come with requests to Saabs from previous ownership. I then try to answer questions, and if I do not know, then I ask someone who has more idea. This is buying advice via blog, and always find so used Sweden new owners. But I'm particularly happy when the brand has found a new fan. As in the current case with Heiko.

Saab 9-3 Aero in the mobile forum Dresden
Saab 9-3 Aero in the mobile forum Dresden

Before, he was traveling with a make from southern Germany, until he had thrown his eye on a Saab 9-3 V6 Aero from the Mobile Forum Dresden. Mail followed, a test drive, and Heiko knew what to look for. The 9-3 with the strong V6 is not a car of reason. He has a great dose of fun as standard for those who have at least a small dose of gasoline in their blood. And the mobile forum Dresden is still one of the best addresses when it comes to Saab.

A few days ago he picked up his new Saab in the snowy city on the Elbe. He describes his impressions as follows:

I have to give the mobile forum a lot of praise and thanks. The car looks like new. Then you realize that they are still with heart and soul in the case of Saab and the seller Mr. Lehmann himself an enthusiastic Saab driver. I felt really comfortable. But then I could not wait to start driving. The 70 km way home was of course a pleasure.

Congratulations to Heiko and his Swedish dream car from the blog team! And always a good trip!


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    Congratulation…. And always say hello. 😉

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    Congratulations on the “cream cuts” and always grip under the profile! The color is great, elegant and therefore even more eye-catching! Have fun with it!
    It greets with lukewarm air from Lower Saxony the
    Mountain goat

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    Congratulations to the saab, am also a few weeks with the v6 in 9-5 on the way. beautiful and rare color, keep your eyes on the a72, so far is stollberg of faithful not so far away!

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    Wow! One of the hottest sports combo ever! I've been driving my 9-3 Aero Sportcombi since 2006 and now have 160000Km on the clock! A super rocket with the acceleration values ​​of a Porsche 911! We measured 1: 1 in Switzerland 😉 from 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds! Acceleration from 80-120 km / h is also a dream! Not to mention the other advantages of this great vehicle ...

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    Hello Saab community. First: P sorry for responding in English. I don't trust my German grammar, although I speak and understand it fluently. Very nice Saab Heiko, congrats. Partly through the enthusiasm on this blog and having been a keen follower of the Saab adventures in the Victor Muller area (and also reading Steven Wade's blog), I also recently reentererd the Saab community with a 2008 93 Sport Combi in Vector edition. After 13 years of driving other brands, the last 8 years Alfa Romeo, I decided to return to the “mother brand”. I'm since two weeks the proud owner of the beautiful Saab, testing it in hard winter conditions. I'm amazed at the number of positive reactions I getting from my neighborhood: a lot of people seem to like Saab!
    Thank's for this very well informed blog, it's an almost daily treat to read about this still active brand!

    Kai (from Holland)

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    Am traveling in C. every day. But with a big Saab also called Scania. If you drive Saab again, let me know. At least I'm not the only one around.

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      I like the scania. Since it is logical to drive private SAAB. Have fun

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    Hello Heiko!

    Congratulations on your new Saab! A very good choice! Good ride!
    Maybe we'll see each other on the street, I live in C.

    PS: I also bought a Saab (9-5 station wagon) in the Saab Center DD (2005) and moved it for 6 years with an STL number. The biggest automobile mistake of my life was to sell it and buy me a new V70 ... But now I'm about to get a 9-3 convertible as a second car so that I can finally have THAT feeling again .... 🙂

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    That's exactly how it is Tom. Thanks for the congratulations. Incidentally, there is an 9 5 II as an inspection for free rental car without km limit. If that's not an incentive.

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