SAAB weekend: We live Saab…

Our Saab hangar is now in operation ... the first Swedes have moved in. The number of residents is still manageable. Three Saab 9000 have left their garages, two more Saabs wait until spring and then complete the Scandinavian gang in the hangar.

Saab Hangar: The first inhabitants have moved in!
Saab Hangar: The first inhabitants have moved in!

It is still a Saab 9000 monoculture, consisting of the years of construction 1993, 1994 and 1998. That will change in March at the latest. We used the weekend to do smaller jobs. Because - yes, it is pure luxury - our Saab playground for big boys is heated, so that the cold season is not an obstacle for our Swedish hobby.

Achim's 9000 CSE still has small construction sites, such as a non-functioning fan motor on the rear passenger door, so it does not get boring. Since the ex-Berlin Saab did not always go through knowledgeable screwdriver hands, there is a new detail in each repair, which we put back to its original state. The 9000 is now well on the way and will eventually reach the desired state. With the 9000, Saab has, we are always clear, a car built, which is robust and easy to maintain. Typical Saab, typical long-term car!

Saab Youngtimer Collection Sheet
Saab Youngtimer Collection Sheet

So that it does not fade in the Saab fan shop, we let our creativity run wild. We are working on further projects for our Saab assortment. After the Saab classic collection, which is still growing, the Youngtimer collection is in the starting blocks. The printed sheet for Youngtimer Mousepads already exists. Saab 900 I, Saab 9000 and Saab 900 II vehicles of the Saab-Scania era are immortalized.

Saab is a cult and a hobby that we can live with a lot of family tolerance. Tomorrow we will look to Trollhättan, and during the week we will look into the “Saab cult” and what is behind it.




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  • For longer parking, it is advisable to straighten the steering - and if only the axle boots are thankful: straightening doesn’t cost anything.

  • The hangar is great. It's a shame that it is so far away, I would like to add one or two 9000 ...

    Have a nice Sunday evening

  • Wow, some real creamy pieces! Very beautiful

  • Hangar awesome, Mousepad awesome! SAAB lives

  • Just great your ideas. I'll wait a bit and then there will be a bulk order.
    Have a nice Sunday Tom and all Saabfans

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