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It is a daily balancing act. Keeping the balance between the Saab blog and real life - family, work and friends - is a permanent challenge. Saab and the blog are our hobby, and in order to keep it that way for as long as possible, Mark and I restructured the tasks at the beginning of the year., our new toy, our new toy

Saab schedule

There was the thing with the dates. Actually, I wanted to take the Saab diary from the blog at the end of the year, because too much workload was too little time compared. What a pity, because there are 2013 in Germany more Saab meeting than ever before.

Mark has agreed to keep the calendar and keep in touch with clubs and promoters. For those who organize a Saab event, there is therefore a new email address. All appointments, round tables, club meetings can now join be registered.

Because Mark is increasingly responsible for his job responsibilities, he cares more and more about internal things and helps make the blog work.

Reinforcement and a new toy

My friend Marco is a co-founder of A short time later he got out, but now - two years, a few Saabs and a house construction later - he's coming back! Saab hasn't let go of him either, and we've got ourselves a new toy. In the future, will only be about our shared hobby. The new site is reserved for cars from Trollhättan only, and there will be no business news or similar topics. Whenever we feel like it, we write about our leisure fun on wheels.

Saab 900 I, Saab 900 II, Saab 9000 and 9-3 I will thus have a media home. Which is also time, because the interest in not so young cars from Trollhättan increases more and more. On the new pages, readers can find information and articles very quickly and clearly arranged according to the model series. I admit that the new project is also a small exit scenario for me, when at some point I can not stand the economic news about investors from China anymore. We make it as easy as possible for our readers. Every new post on gets a note here, so nobody has to keep an eye on both sides.

There is still little content, but the first article - Marco's first Saab - will be published tomorrow.

Saab 9-5 Anniversary 2009 Saab Festival Trollhattan
Saab 9-5 Anniversary 2009 Saab Festival Trollhattan

A goodbye

Movement has come into our family fleet. There is the white Saab 9000 CS from Munich, who spontaneously contributed to the growth. From March he will roll over the streets with seasonal license plates. Before that, we'll do some minor work, as is necessary with a 20 year old car.

With the second 9000er we have 5 cult Sweden, which represents a very clear upper limit. Because collecting and storing cars is not my thing. Every Saab wants to be driven regularly, because he was built for that. Proper attitude is called the 🙂

Since I had already considered a new project (it runs under the code name "Silver Aero") last summer, a Saab inevitably had to leave us. A decision that wasn't easy. The Turbo X cannot be canceled, so to speak. The 9000 Anniversary is under species protection, as is my wife's 9-3. The choice fell on the 9-5 BioPower Anniversary, which, with the help of the Saab Center Bamberg, found a new owner at the bottom of southern Bavaria at the end of the year. He has been with us for almost four years and visited his home town in 2009 at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. It was a great time we had together. Now he is still in good hands and hopefully will have a long, good, Saab life.




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    You just great, thanks

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    Hi Tom,

    the 9-5 Bio Power will be kept and cultivated with my species. He is in good hands with me.

    Greetings from Bavaria

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      Super that makes me happy. Have fun with the ex-blogger Saab!

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    Great, another new page for our SAABs! The topic used fitte SAABs is very topical !!! I'm happy for that! Greetings from the north

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    I also have a penchant for collecting, but in your comments I absolutely find myself again ("Because only collecting and storing cars is not my thing. Every Saab wants to be driven regularly, because that's what it was built for . "). Inevitably one thinks of the successful "Release me" advertisement from days gone by ...

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    And of course for the fathers….

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    Best wishes and a long life for the baby !!! ;-)))

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    This is not a farewell blog, this is still a SAAB page. brilliant

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    Hello, your blogger, first of all thank you very much for the Saabblog, which I read daily since the beginning and in exciting times several times a day.

    Unfortunately, I can't make sense of today's “farewell blog”. Maybe I'm on the line. Is that the end of the usual Saab blog and do you only devote yourself to the appointments (through Mark) and the young timers (Tom and Marco)? And nobody tells us about the economic background, which has always been the most important thing about your blog for me? I will soon notice how things go on with saabblog, but it would be nice if the united bloggers could pull aside the curtain on the future.

    • blank continues to report. is our new, additional baby

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        THANK YOU!

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