Saab 900 16V or from the turmoil of the first Saab

When I decided to buy a youngtimer as a second car a few years ago, it had to be a Saab. It had to be a 901, preferably a coupe with a turbo. I use the various purchase advices in well-known Internet forums, youngtimer magazines and the knowledge of some Saab friends to prepare for the purchase of my first Saab. Read more on

Saab 900: My first Saab

for the purchase of my first Saab.

4 thoughts on "Saab 900 16V or from the turmoil of the first Saab"

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    ... you spend a few days without the internet and then something - great and thanks!
    As an old bean counter, I am of course also happy about such a nice report on the purchase of the first 901 (the color was not called pink quartz metallic) but I have to say that the first article on has the tight frame (from 900 II) blows up. An extension would of course be great but is probably a bottomless pit. And then there is Pastewka's 900 red with gray velor equipment, but also the ingenious 5-door ...
    But keep it up and thank you!

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    GREEN, the cars are in a way already, but I am also for more COLOR in the already boring car world!
    Until then, I'm glad about my eucalyptus-green (is also recognizable as green from afar and not as dark as the scarab) 9k

    Good time!

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    I bought a variant (900 GLE) of this beautiful model as a demonstration car in 1981 and then owned it for many years. My 900 GLE was also 5-door and also painted in this dark gray metallic - this beautiful color was given the name anthracite metallic by SAAB.

    The new owners in Trollhättan were supposed to revive former beautiful colors. Unfortunately, under Spyker there wasn't even a single shade of green. Neither dark green (scarab metallic) nor light green (silvergreen metallic) could be chosen - a major drawback for those willing to buy with a weakness for certain colors!

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    Isn't that also the model that Pastewka drives as a series car in the series of the same name - only in brown 🙂 A cult car !!!

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